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  1. This is called a lot-nostalgia, boredom, a desire to remind about yourself. Some people enjoy hanging out with their exes because at that point, they go back to the past where they thought they were ” wow.” Plus, you may want to check if everyone still has feelings for them to amuse their ego. That is, they write mainly when there are not enough emotions in the present.

    In any case, you should not take such “comebacks” to heart. If a person does not offer anything specific other than “just chat”, then this is not serious. You can have fun with such conversations if the person is already completely indifferent to you, but he is an interesting interlocutor, or can be useful. In another situation, the former partner should simply be ignored – you are not obliged to communicate with anyone without your desire, even with those with whom the relationship was once good.

  2. 3.5 years – you are very much not strangers to each other, perhaps I would call it “remained friends”. Of course, it depends on what topics you are talking about.�

    In our culture, for some reason, it is customary to break ties with exes as harshly as possible, even judging from the advice to add a person to an emergency, but you have been with him for quite a long time and you know a lot about each other, and you are clearly worried about each other.�

    Each person can be unique in some ways, and maybe their current partner can't completely replace you for them. Perhaps you are the person who is authoritative for him in some matters. People meet and communicate not only in the prospects of having children. You were evaluated for some qualities that may exist outside of the relationship.

    If my ex was a lawyer, cool, and there was no mutual hatred between us, and I had the corresponding problems, then I think I would go to him. Well, after all, the questions that arise in life are not always clearly specialized, maybe you are just a good person who inspires or invigorates.�

    There are people who can forbid communicating with exes, because they are very insecure (this is no better than deleting all girls from friends in VK during a relationship). Instead of forbidding them, they should first find out why you need communication and maybe take care of themselves if they want to fully cover the need for other people.

  3. This is called, you are very lucky that he is not your husband.

    You don't have to add it to the emergency list. Answer in monosyllables, create dead-end constructions, and refer to employment. It will fall off by itself. He can, of course, finally voice his motives and fall off with your blessing.

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