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  1. Hello. The fact that you are not mediocre is for sure, there are no mediocre people, so relax about this.;) You can always work on a certain skill and become a pro, as described in the famous expression: “Success is 10% talent and 90% work”.

    Your situation with your mother's behavior is ambiguous, because there is no specifics in the question, but what you described is very similar to manipulating feelings of guilt, shame and belittling your skills and talents. In your article “Manipulators in action: The Victim, the Shamefacer, and the Preacher. How do I recognize them?“I describe in sufficient detail the mechanism by which those who want to shame and put pressure on feelings of guilt capture attention, put pressure on the psyche and manipulate people.�

    The most disgusting thing, in my opinion, is that manipulations of shame and guilt are very intensively and “effectively” hammered into people's heads from birth, and as a result, a person becomes completely insecure and insecure, because he thinks that he can't do anything right and believes that in order to be loved, he must do everything perfectly and curry favor with everyone, and, in the opposite case, he does not deserve love and respect for himself.�

    Good luck to you and your mom and don't let yourself be manipulated! Just because she is your parent doesn't mean that you should tolerate her violence against your own psyche (if she really finds fault with you and projects her complexes and fears on you, and didn't make a couple of comments like “Look, here's the right thing wrong, but so”).

  2. It looks like pure manipulation.
    But maybe your mom is just a perfectionist.
    Try to talk to her.

    Parents often manipulate their children unconsciously.

  3. If a certain person systematically makes you feel guilty , this is one of the most basic signs that this person is manipulating you. Don't be fooled.

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