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  1. It seems to me that here we need to gradually begin to rebuild personal boundaries with our parents. Other people can't TAKE OFFENSE at the fact that everything in your soul is somehow wrong and not the way they want it to be. Resentment implies that they should have been given something, but were not given it. Resentment is a violation of established rights and agreements. And your inner world doesn't belong to your parents. So such a question-setting requires a comprehensive change in the relationship.

    In order to facilitate this process, you can try to find out what they want from you from what you can give them-specific actions, displays of attention, etc. – and try to give it. But this does not always help, because often people themselves can not correctly interpret what they want from their children. This is a riddle that needs to be unraveled.

  2. Here you already need to decide what you want, get rid of scandals, so that they accept your point of view or , say, begin to communicate with you as an adult (the latter is for a discount, maybe they really treat you as an adult). Choose a strategy and follow it. And if you are human, then you do not have resources, experience, reserves only in the form of parents who, if anything, will give shelter, in order to make plans , you need to have resources, education for example (even if it's just paper), otherwise these are not goals, but fantasies.
    The easiest way is to say what they want to hear, but even then it's not a fact , you need to understand what kind of relationship with the family is what exactly is wrong , they can swing another topic that they can voice and so on and so on.

  3. It seems to me that at 20 years old it's time to have plans or at least is in search of who you want to be!

    And it's definitely time for yourself to earn a living well, if you don't study!

  4. It's hard to say. Most likely, they understand that everything has its time, but they are just worried about you, for your future. Perhaps they overdo it in their desire for good for you. Different things can help here: from a serious heart-to-heart conversation to a visit to a psychologist. This is not a terrible thing, and sometimes, indeed, it is necessary for overzealous parents of already grown-up and independent children. These are all very complex, but well-studied and frequently encountered things. There is nothing more to add without knowing the context.

  5. First of all, it is necessary to clarify this point – whether you are personally satisfied with this state of affairs and, secondly, whether you are ready to correct this state of affairs. At the age of 20, you should already have an idea of your specialty, future employment, and already become a mature person who knows how to take responsibility for yourself and your future

  6. Go for a little guile.Tell your parents what they want to hear, agree with them in everything, and secretly do what you think is necessary.Parents undoubtedly wish us all the best, but they often confuse their interests with ours, and sometimes they do not take them into account at all

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