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  1. I see this not so much as a distortion of the understanding of the term Friend, but as an eternal conflict between the intuitive and the logical. A friend is a person with whom you are on the same wavelength, on the same spiritual wave, no matter how far away you are-and this causes heartfelt joy. Now, what is the subconscious mind, exaggerated-this is the place where a person's ability to understand the meaning of events and situations is located, through insight, behind which, perhaps, is the previous experience of past generations or the database of answers accumulated by the collective consciousness (still waiting for its proof). The subconscious mind speaks to the conscious mind through intuition (this is discussed above), which in your case protests the concept of a friend in relation to this person. I always trust my intuition, it has saved my life more than once on the ascent. It's great that you have it, too. Listen to her.�

    There is a method by which you can identify a hidden problem that does not lend itself to comprehension. You need to give yourself a few hours, a quiet place and solitude, take a sheet of A4 paper, a pen and write for 30-40 minutes without looking up, without spaces in a row, everything that comes to mind. In the midst of this outpouring of epistolary nonsense, you will also find your own solution to the question that torments you. It's good if it's just a different hairstyle, cologne, or color in your clothes that annoys you, and not an act that causes a moral downfall. In a word, try it. I hope that helped.

  2. Perhaps your friend is a “toxic person”.A “toxic person” is a person who, it seems, is not only shrouded in a cloud of negative aura, but also covers everything around him. Such people are satisfied when they create problems and make others angry. They turn any situation into a stressful one.

    One of the signs to recognize a toxic person for you is your own intuition. It seems that the person does not do or say any special nasty things, but next to him you feel uncomfortable – you lose confidence in yourself, your mood deteriorates, you start to get angry-that's enough. Don't blame yourself: intuition is the most important thing in communication. It is your sixth sense that tells you: this person is toxic to you, you do not need to communicate with him.

    I also had a very close friend who was even born with me on the same day, we communicated with her for several years and were “inseparable”, and then I began to feel uncomfortable and was in tension communicating with her. I decided to trust my intuition and stop communicating with her, and when I thought about our friendship, I realized that she was not friends with me at all, it was dust in the eyes, for my own benefit. When I studied the signs of a “toxic” person, and analyzed all the situations in which I found myself with her, I realized that half of these signs can be safely attributed to her. So the advice is to listen to yourself, this person can harm you more than once, and you will close your eyes, thinking that this is your friend. This can't be allowed. Good luck to you, and good luck. Make the right decision!

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