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  1. Get away from women, get away from men, take care of yourself, clean up your yard or entrance, remember that it's 2019, and serfdom was abolished in 1861. No one owes you anything because of their gender.

    • And keep in mind that as soon as you mention the proverbial “sense of [gender] duty”, expect a response in relation to you and your gender. Sooner or later, you will also be asked. If you are outraged by today's men who allegedly do not know how or do not want to become dominant, expect that someone will seriously dislike your femininity. If you are not satisfied with today's women, then they will certainly erase your male self-esteem to zero. And it doesn't happen any other way, don't get your hopes up.Because your rights and freedoms end where the rights and freedoms of another person begin. Are you sure you need it?
    • You can't win the lottery without eating a fish or choking on a bone.
      The world is changing irreversibly. Use the benefits of modernity and the achievements of progress, and do not gloomily grumble “it used to be better, morality, modesty, the world was simpler and clearer…”.

    What is wrong with the modern world, in which the equality of men and women is taking root? Which one has more vibrant, affordable, and safe sex? In which a man is not obliged to plow for two (while a woman is at home and with children), by default earn a lot, risk your life and ruin your health. And a woman, in turn, can freely dispose of her body, uterus and vagina, without being embarrassed by her own intelligence and education. Isn't that beautiful? What is wrong with a world where a woman is a person with the right to vote, and a man is not a superman without the right to make mistakes?

    A woman is a free person, an individual, a citizen and a person; and not an eternal “keeper of the hearth” without her own opinion and the right to independence. A man is a free person, an individual, a citizen and a person; not a god, a husband and a master all rolled into one, not a robot who is always in order by default, who does not get tired and does not complain about anything.

    However, not all people understand and recognize that not only rights should be equal (at the level of “I can”), but also duties (“I want”), hence the curious cases, philistine hypocrisy and outbursts of conservatives about the outgoing era of big people (some people still like the old order), but this is a side effect of historical processes and “quiet” revolutions. You can't change the world dramatically in a day or a week — yet the world is not the same as it was ten years ago.

  2. The main indicator that a man is “no longer a cake” is that he begins to pay attention to those who discuss and condemn him )

    If a man does not care about the condemnation and discussion, and if he does not need to argue with women on the topic ” Yes, you women, look at yourself!..” “so he's all right…”)

  3. Our mademoiselles simply do not know history and do not want to know, just as fans of “as before” can not name a specific period when in the USSR, for example, there was “everything is fine”, no wars and difficulties. With grief in half, 5-10 years are recruited at the beginning of the so-called “stagnation”. So much for the February revolution of the weavers.

    And a little earlier, you dig — and the tax on childlessness slipped, and the law on parasitism (and all this hysteria with wage inequality is a clear lie, since wages were calculated according to the tariff grid depending on the category), working in factories during the war and rebuilding the country after. Before the revolution, a woman was a thing, depending on the origin of the thing refined or not so much.

    Even earlier you will climb — and life on it, and the garden on it (and the minimum number of nobles was included in the statistical error), and the peasant may be called up to war tomorrow — and your fate is generally unclear, it's good at least as in India widows were not burned.

    Although a widow is still a good thing, it was impossible to get a divorce at all. And there is no one to complain, because the landowner can sometimes make it even worse. And in the Bible, by the way, in some places it is forbidden to remarry a divorced woman.

    But all right, we Russian barbarians, but what is there in Europe? And the knights raped whom they could (if they understood that nothing would happen to them) and wanted to. The ladies of the nobility were fawned upon solely for selfish reasons.

    And how do you want to declare pressing buttons on smart home appliances as homework and complain about evil, but tired, men?

  4. The social context and society's attitude to people's actions have changed. Well, from the very obvious in the 19th century, a person who is ready to put his estate on the line in the cards, who is this? By the standards of the 19th century, he is cool, a real man, risky, dashing. And if such a person lives in the 21st century, who is he? Yes, some moron gambler. And so it is with all the pseudo-chivalrous qualities.

    It all works regardless of gender, girls say that men are not the same, men say that women are not the same anymore. We all want to see knights and beautiful ladies around us. Moreover, no one can describe what it should be like.

  5. In the Soviet Union, a man earned more than a woman a priori. There were no problems with the work. No special entrepreneurial qualities were required. If you don't drink and your hands grow out of the right place, then everything will be fine. Everyone was more or less equal.�

    Now everything has changed. Women began to earn no worse than men. I still need to look for a good job. If you want to live , you need to be able to turn around and do something. Those who are more mature, smarter, and more impudent earn much more than most people. Women see all this and make a conclusion: They say, there used to be men, but now they are not.

  6. what does “not those” even mean, and what kind of” those ” is it compared to? just crawled out of the caves? those who were young in the union? who are these “ones” that you miss so much? the world is developing, people are developing, and if you look back, nothing normal will happen in your life.

  7. And men were better before, and women were more modest, and the sky was higher and the grass was greener.

    All these arguments and reproaches are simply a consequence of changes in society. Yes, the modern man is not the “noble knight” (who appears in the imagination exclusively as the prince on a white horse from Cinderella, but about robber barons and just those noble knights who, as having the right nobleman, could drag any collective farmer into bed, and she also remains grateful, somehow silently).

    Therefore, morals are different now, and so are rights and duties.�

    Again, compared to the earlier period, the role and rights of women have increased.�

    In the 14th century, it was something like this: you are a woman, you have no rights, you are needed for the home and as an incubator of new cannon fodder for wars. Female warriors and female rulers are a rarity and a rarity.�

    And now equality, reduction of wars and general development of society.

  8. Because many women want men to fully provide their wishlist, serving as ATMs, drivers and bodyguards in one person.�

    And at the same time, they were ready to leave her at the first request, while leaving the apartment.�

    But men have forgotten how to make demands on a woman. Previously, no one would have thought of marrying a non-virgin. Now some Aleni are even ready to marry the RSP.

  9. Here earlier in Russia what men were! Nose humped, horseradish club! 10 sticks will throw, still on his hands carries! And now!? Nose with potatoes, horseradish with an accordion, half a stick will throw even on the road, But before in Russia there were women! Cheeks rosy, eyes from love for her husband drunk, tits like melons, wasp waist, meet min @ tom, feed him lunch, always prigolubit, nerves will not shake, n%%%and narrow, brown hair! Such a 10 sticks throw, then carry on your hands! And now!? Sad smile, glassy look, gives to anyone, favorite word “LITTLE”, itself like plywood, no manners, stretch marks on the belly, cellulite on the thighs, p%%%and like a trough and even not shaved, you look at this — you don't want anything.

  10. As soon as you see radical generalizations like “all” or “all”, “all women”, “all men”, know that this implies that the entire group of people is a non-existent “middle” representative, illusory and unreal. “All” women are a motley group of completely different women. Remember your friends – does each of them fit this average “everything”? Do not create stereotypes in your head, otherwise they will make you look up to non-existent norms.

    Each individual man and each individual woman adapts to the environment in their own special way. Do the same, look for your own way.

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