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  1. At night, the noise level decreases dramatically, so many sounds that are not heard during the day become audible. The thing is. that the ratio of sound volume to noise volume is important for sound perception. From here, you can hear a lot of things at night that you will never hear during the day. I had heard such sounds many times, and they all had very real reasons. But, in principle, you may also have hallucinations. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as it is not an obsessive state.

  2. Most likely, sleep paralysis – it is extremely often accompanied by a hum, squeak(the so-called”white noise”) in the head. It is observed both when falling asleep and when waking up. Auditory hallucinations in sleep paralysis are common. Shouts, whispers, and so on.

  3. Perhaps this is the phenomenon of hypnopompic hallucinations that occur during awakening and are considered a normal phenomenon that often occurs in healthy people.

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