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  1. You describe a perfect dream. I closed my eyes, opened them, and it was morning. The phenomenon you described indicates that you were sleeping very soundly. There is nothing wrong with this phenomenon, although it may cause some confusion. We can only wish you a similar quality of sleep in adulthood.

  2. You're wrong your brain wasn't shutting down.”otherwise you would have died.” You just forgot all the hours you slept through. Quickly entered the phase of deep sleep and then everything that was after with the awakening was forgotten.

  3. Yes, I did, and at eight or seven. I was also in shock. At night I lay down and closed my eyes, then opened it in the MORNING. I didn't even understand what happened and what it was, I thought it was all a dream. But no, I didn't wake up afterwards, the day went on…

  4. I had this in a sanatorium when I was 13-15 years old. You know, I think maybe you had a dream about lying down and waiting for those 2 seconds before you open your eyes. Well, when I woke up – this dream was remembered as a reality.

  5. Probably before going to bed, they thought directly about the upcoming dream or “falling asleep”, and in the dream they saw a smooth continuation of this state right before waking up. In general, a dream that is as simple as possible and similar to reality. Something like that.

  6. If a person does not have a dream, sleep time always flies by instantly.
    And the very moment of falling asleep a person often does not remember.
    So it seems that I just closed my eyes… and it's already morning.

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