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  1. If so, why aren't you among them yet, Mary?” After all, your question is petty, petty, vindictive and stupid.

    Are there any petty, vindictive, stupid atheists? There are. Are there other believers like them? Full of them. Are there any smart and kind atheists? There are. Believers? They also happen.

    And even right on this site, you can find examples of all the listed options. The fact that you couldn't find them speaks more about you than about atheism.

  2. A list of petty, petty, vindictive, and stupid people

    Diagoras Poet 5th century BC
    Protagoras is a Philosopher. 481oc.- 411
    Thomas Otway Poet 1652-1685
    Melier Jean Philosopher 1678; 16641-733; 1729
    David Hume Philosopher 1711-1776
    Denis Diderot Philosopher 1713-1784
    Paul Henri Holbach Philosopher 1723-1789
    Percy Bish Shelley Poet 1792-1822
    Elijah Wright Abolitionist 1804-1885
    Ludwig Feuerbach Philosopher 1804-1872
    Charles Darwin Biologist 1809-1882
    Edgar Allan Poe Poet 1809-1849
    Mikhail Bakunin Philosopher 1814-1876
    Elizabeth Stanton Suffragist 1815-1902
    Karl Marx Philosopher 1818-1883
    Susan Anthony Suffragist 1820-1906
    Thomas Huxley Biologist 1825-1895
    Leslie Stephen Writer 1832-1904
    Robert Ingersoll Orator1833-1899
    Mark Twain Writer 835-1910
    Ambrose Bierce Writer 1842-1914
    Friedrich Nietzsche Philosopher 1844-1900
    Thomas Edison Inventor 1847-1931
    Sigmund Freud Psychoanalyst18561939
    George Shaw Writer 1856-1950
    Clarence Darrow Lawyer 1857-1938
    Joseph McCabe Publicist1867-1955
    Marcel Proust Writer 1871-1922
    Bertrand Russell The Philosopher 1872-1970
    Albert Einstein Physicist1879-1955
    Henry Louis Mencken Journalist 1880-1956
    Margaret Sanger Politician 1883-1966
    Julian Huxley Biologist1887-1975
    Arthur Rubinstein Pianist1887-1982
    Charles Chaplin Actor1889-1977
    William Sidis The Gifted man1898-1944
    Noel Coward Playwrigh1899-1973
    Luis Bunuel Film Director1900-1983
    Karl Popper The Philosopher 1902-1994
    Sidney Hook Philosophy 1902-1989
    Ernst Mayr Biologist1904-2005
    Berres Skinner Psychologist 1904-1990
    Jean-Paul Sartre Philosopher 1905-1980
    Kathleen Hepburn Actress1907-2003
    Alfred Ayer Filosofia1910-1989
    Albert Camus The Philosopher 1913-1960
    Peter Medawar Biology1915-1987
    Francis Crick Biology1916-2004
    Vitaly Ginzburg Physicist1916-2009
    Ingmar Bergman Director1918-2007
    Richard Feynman Physicist1918-1988
    Isaac Asimov Writer 1920-1992
    Kurt Vonnegut Writer 1922-2007
    Harry Garrison Writer 1925-2012
    Paul Kurtz Philosophy1925-2012
    Stanislav Lem Pisatel1926-2006
    Nahum Chomsky Linguist1928
    James Watson Biologist1928
    Richard Rorty Filosof1930-2007
    Irwin Yalom Psychotherapist1931
    Umberto Eco Writer 1932
    Roman Polanski Film Director1933
    Steven Weinberg Physicist1933
    Carl Sagan Astronom1934-1996
    Woody Allen Film Director1935
    George Carlin Comic1937-2008
    Jack Nicholson Actor1937
    Paul Verhoeven Film Director1938
    Stephen Jay Gould Biologist 1941-2002
    Richard Dawkins Biologist 1941
    Daniel Dennett Philosopher 1942
    Richard Leakey Anthropologist 1944
    John Carpenter Film Director 1948
    Stephen Wozniak Co Founder of Apple 1950
    Douglas Adams Novelist1951-2001
    Matt Groening Animator 1954
    Steven Pinker Psychologist 1954
    Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft 1955
    Carrie Fisher Actress1956

  3. Atheists are people who do not have enough potential to see the Creator. On the other hand, atheism is a game, and the role of the atheist in it is a tense denial of any concepts. In such a game, a person does not pursue the goal of finding the truth, but pursues the goals of self – love and struggle.

  4. No, they become atheists because of life experience, remember the wars? When soldiers broke into the homes of civilians and raped and killed them, just like that. Where was God? For what?

  5. That's the beauty of such reasoning is that a person, in his desire to prove to himself that he(in our case, she) is better than others, is ready to shit everyone around him. And to a greater extent their supporters. Do you want to believe in something? Yes please believe – this is your choice. Don't you want to believe it? Don't believe it. Why these childish attempts to insult? It still won't change anything.

  6. No, it's usually just the opposite. Usually it is those like you who do bad things to other people, are stupid and blind in their faith, and are also vindictive, since it was Christians who lit bonfires under people who do not believe, and not atheists

  7. Mary, that's not true. Sometimes a person becomes an atheist because they have experienced great pain. God did not create a miracle = There is no God. It's just a person's emotional reaction.

    It happens that we were brought up in an atheist environment. But what interests me personally is: why did you ask such a question?

  8. You'd better not light it, Mary. Don't tease the geese.)

    But since you asked , I'll answer in Brodsky's words:

    disbelief is blindness, but more often piggishness.

    Yes, Brodsky, like you, believed that most often disbelief is a sign of a low existential world of a person, but there is another option-blindness, that is, a person has completely opposite ideas about beauty – high, but opposite, since the structure of the Universe allows you to create many different hypotheses. For many atheists, they are simply different

    I would also like to say this: belonging to a religious organization does not make a person a believer by default – the most terrible atheists are among believers and even more so – sometimes they are at the very helm. So in view of such an agenda, judging external atheists while their box is full of them is not the wisest thing to do. In the end, our Teacher encouraged us to respond to evil with good, to curses with blessings, to minuses with pluses ( a joke of humor))

  9. “Only people who are petty,petty,vindictive and stupid always become atheists?”�- asked a small, petty, vindictive and stupid person )). He just saw himself in the mirror.

  10. In the 21st century, dividing educated people into atheists and believers is a sign of their own educational or psychological problems. Anyone can be petty or broad, envious or independent in their perception of themselves

  11. Well, yes, I can be called petty – I don't” forget ” what others might think is nonsense (some minor imperfections in my work and creativity, spelling, or logical inconsistencies in the Bible, for example). Vindictiveness is also not considered a bad quality for me. for example, if someone says that all atheists are stupid, and then turns to me for help , I will help you so that you won't want to ask anyone for help for a long time. The stupidity is all the more present: I am not one hundred percent sure of anything, even the obvious can be questioned. But a smart person knows exactly what is and isn't there, doesn't he?

  12. Not at all, these are such settings in the mind of a person for this life, which he must overcome(balance).
    But people with a pronounced aggressive position of atheism are already a strong distortion of the psyche, a disease of the soul.
    In a previous life, they were just as ardent “believers”, fighters against non-Christians.
    And the higher the degree of atheism in this life, the stronger the fires of heretics that they sent to their deaths in the previous life burned.
    Militant atheism, like faith, with its eyes burning with hatred of heretics, are two sides of the same coin.

  13. Mary, sometimes people become atheists because they are disillusioned with religion by looking at the behavior of priests or those who call themselves believers. Here's a case for you. My work colleague had a lot of trouble in the family. She went to the priest for spiritual help (as she was advised). Not only was he drunk and talking obvious nonsense, but he also started hitting on her. That was 10 years ago, but she still doesn't want to hear anything about religion or God. She is a very good person and many so-called believers could learn from her. But because of that incident, she doesn't believe in anything anymore. And I understand it.

    It is very difficult for a person to separate the behavior and norms of people from the norms of God, which are written in the Bible. Remember what Jesus said about the Pharisees:”Whatever they say, do it, but just as they do, don't do it.” It is no secret that today many people put on an “air of devotion to God”, and their deeds say the opposite. Atheists are more likely to need sympathy and understanding.

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