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  1. be a patriot of the land?
    what's best for humanity is best for everyone.

    it seems logical.

    to be honest, we have long since entered the stage when it is worth evaluating the prospects of the united earth, and not what we are doing now.

  2. I am a patriot of the country, nation and idea. All at once.�

    Patriot of the country:

    I like all countries, I don't single out anyone. I am ready to fight and fight for my country.�

    Patriot of the Nation:

    I like all nations. I am ready to fight and fight for my nation.�

    Patriot of the Idea:�

    I am ready to fight for the ideals that should be defended intelligently.�

    Here's my patriotism:�

    “I love my homeland

    She fed me

    She got me drunk

    She's what I breathe

    She's what I eat

    It's what I walk on

    She is what I live by

    She's the reason I'm alive

    And I owe Her my life…”�

    And here's more about the day of the real patriot:

    “I protect my world

    I stand like a wall in Her name

    I fight and fight

    In the name of holy ideals

    In the name of the name of the Motherland

    In the name of solid morals

    I stand and hold on

    The sun is rising

    I can feel it

    Divine awe

    The sun is at its zenith

    Our sacred Zenith

    I am proud to meet

    The sun goes down

    I'm seeing him off

    Darkness is coming

    I accept the night

    I look at the stars

    Something divine

    It lives in the luminaries

    A new day I meet

    To fight with new forces.”

  3. Escobar's theorem, seriously. Patriotism is a cancer on the body of society; it makes absolutely no difference to the oppressed class under what citizenship and with what patriotic spirit they humiliate themselves before private owners and those in power.

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