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  1. For some reason, I feel the opposition, my pleasure and benefit to society, you can do good to society and have fun. Doing anything you can be useful depends on the point of application and the interpretation of the concept of “useful”by society itself. Here's what you love to do for yourself? Let's turn this into a super useful thing for society 😋

  2. Well, first of all, who counts? For me, some kind of” left-wing ” idea from a political point of view. To answer this question, you need to understand the criteria of utility, and utility for me is a subjective concept. Someone may consider useful those who produce something, someone may consider that this is someone who works for the state.
    About living for your own pleasure-live, but if you are not a hermit and live in the city, you will somehow interact with society, even if you close yourself in your apartment and do not leave it, then you will still have to somehow order food, pay taxes, use medicine. So you will still be living in society. And to maintain your existence, you will need to earn money, and therefore sell your labor and resources.
    For me personally, the best person to sell their labor, time, and resources is the best person to live. And if your work, time and resources are sold, then you are useful, well, if not for society, then at least for someone.

  3. Because you consume goods. You benefit from the work of millions of the best people. Engineers and scientists. A wonderful life will come just when there are four types of people. Engineers, scientists, managers, and businessmen. And in this world, you will be superfluous. Garbage. You'll be rummaging through the trash. Like all useless people. But this is the age of consumerism. You can still be anything you want. Live as you wish. You are just a living machine in a matrix of smart, useful people. A hominid. Organism. Oranus. Enjoy it properly. Because with each stage or five-year period, it will become more difficult, more painful, more offensive and more difficult. Old age is ahead.

  4. Imagine that there was a shipwreck and you and a few other people were on a desert island. They grieved and decided to somehow get out of the situation, settle in. And so someone decided to take over the construction of huts, someone began to lay a path, someone else to get food, treat the wounded, play music to make it more fun to work, and so on. Well, that's somehow how it happens in society.

    And then there is a person who says, ” You know, I will probably live for myself, without disturbing anyone. True, I also want food and a hut, to walk along your path, to be treated by you.”

    What do you think the tribesmen will say to him? This is the answer to your question.

    In order for you to get what you want for free, a whole bunch of people will have to work extra hard throughout their lives, sometimes hard, depriving themselves of pleasure, sometimes even getting injured or dying at work, not getting anything from you in return. They may be willing to feed you out of pity, but they certainly won't give you the best piece of meat and the best cabin, if only because there's no reason to.

  5. Because you, dear Anon, do not live on a desert island, but in a human society.

    You can live, as you say, “for your own pleasure”, without disturbing anyone, just there – on a desert island. While living in a human society, you will inevitably enjoy the benefits and resources that this society provides. And the members of this society will be quite logically interested: and on what basis do you use the benefits that this society produces, without doing anything useful or necessary for this society? Freeloaders are not liked anywhere, and any society will somehow fight them. If this or that individual is necessary and useful for society, then accordingly he can claim some other additional benefits.

    It's simple: those who do not work (no matter how, mentally or physically) while living in society should not eat from the common pot.

  6. What people and you think is often not the same.Almost always.People think that they know more and better for others.Problems only with evaluating yourself.

    Take a bee colony.There are different responsibilities for bees.There are drones, there is a uterus, there are hard workers.

    Take a plant.There are blooming and fruit-bearing shoots.And there are blind shoots.Sort of useless.But they also play a role. Every leaf is valuable.

    Utility is a controversial concept.For decades, scientists, engineers, various bureaus and ministries worked on the creation of chemicals, invented plastic products.And a lot more.And now they decide how to get rid of it, fix the damage, and what else to come up with to save life on the planet.So much for utility.

  7. Who's counting? This opinion is not as popular as you think it is. But it does take place.

    It is not difficult to explain why this point of view arises: if many people in society think so, then society thrives. Society benefits when its members work for the common good. This is almost a biological evolution, but at the level of society: the fittest and most skilled societies survive.

    Do I need to follow this concept? Well, no one can force anyone (with a few exceptions). Do as you see fit. If you are afraid of being judged by society, then decide for yourself what is important for you: personal freedom or integration with society.

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