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  1. The question is asked incorrectly, since the needs of a person are to eat, drink, and express themselves. And why people have come up with justice, which is not found in natural nature and which is impossible to achieve-this is the question.

  2. And what is self-expression? Exactly the same need, only not of the organism, but of the individual. This is a way of asserting one's own existence as a unique being, highlighting and consolidating one's own image against the background of the rest of society.

    And it's not even a matter of self-centered desire to stand out, but rather in separating your own vision of the world from the huge number of opinions around you, defining the boundaries of yourself

    Although in the absence of society, a person may need to confirm his existence by interacting with the surrounding world and leaving his creativity in it, but here for another reason-without trying to put the content of consciousness outside, thinking may simply not contain the entire volume of thoughts and will begin, for example, to produce errors of perception and all sorts of demons; having no space for work,

    So try to put the lived emotions and processed information into the creativity of anything, so you will avoid oversaturation and excessive internal load, this is at least with:

  3. The desire for justice is not genetically inherent in any living being. This is generally a very controversial concept

    And the desire for self – expression is a fairly basic social need. So a person through a system of mirrors-reflections from society understands his place in this world, the limits of his capabilities, etc. This is completely natural, if the physiological needs are met

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