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  1. As for genetic justice, it depends on what you mean by that.

    Just look at the past and ongoing wars. Justice there is usually some kind of one-sided and consists in the following: “I am better than Vasya (a different color, I speak a different language, I pray to a different god), so you need to take everything from Vasya and give it to me.”

    In general, the concept of “justice” helps to survive in society. If you are an obvious egotist, then society will probably reject you. And to survive alone and still leave the offspring with their selfish genes (and especially in the Neolithic of some kind) – the problem is quite another. So being selfish in a very socialized environment is not beneficial.

    Again, “self-expression” is different. If we talk about the desire for some creative activity, they usually “express themselves” in order to stand out from others (to prove to others that you are not just one of the crowd, and quite often even to prove to yourself that “I am not one of the crowd”). Not in a bad way. It's a fairly natural desire to strive to be better than others, not worse.

    This desire may also have a lot of biological reasons (it is easier for such” creative ” people to attract the attention of a partner), it is easier for them to get a higher status in society. And evolution at this point, I think it worked well. There are some genetic reasons for this, too )

    You can “express yourself” because you have free time, and just a person is bored, and he begins to look for something to do. He finds some interesting activity “to his liking” and just spends his time doing it. Not everyone likes to spend time watching videos and sitting in social networks, some of them are bored.

    I, for example, most likely have both of these reasons present. On the one hand, it's nice that you are the only musician and artist among my friends, on the other hand, when I come home from work (just work that, unfortunately, is not related to the areas in which I “express myself”), I don't want to sit around doing nothing, and the work itself is boring. So I somehow chose two areas that are interesting to me.

    By the way, self-expression is not only an art form. Some people can express themselves, for example, I do parkour or other sports. But the motivation is usually the same.

  2. It is a genetic device to which the species is adapted. If the worm is adapted to dig in mud, it will have one genetic device, and if it bores in a tree, then another-and the behavior is correspondingly appropriate.

    Humans have been very social beings for millions of years, so communication is as natural to our natural constitution as drinking and eating, and justice is also as natural to society. And now tens of thousands of years we are creatures of the cultural, creative, inventive�– so to speak, to look for new, sophisticated your brain to subtle types of activities� is as natural is a direct consequence of the genetic program that makes the person and determines the way of life in which the survival of the human race.

    Isolating the individual from the collective is a newer behavior, only a few thousand years old, but it is also firmly established in the cultural and technological model on which civilization is built. So if this were not the case, there would simply be no civilization. But since it is�, civilization continues. Not all of these genes are activated, not so long ago on a planetary scale, we began to do this-but so far enough. As intelligent as we are, we live so well. Maybe when everyone becomes quite reasonable, communism will also begin.

  3. Man is a collective being and needs relationships with his own kind. Therefore, everyone strives for self-expression, not some. From time immemorial, people want to love and be loved,attract attention and be in demand. Depending on external circumstances,culture, fashion and personal qualities, this is done in different ways.

  4. “And God said,” Be fruitful and multiply.”

    The main task of a person is to continue himself, that is, to leave offspring. This is also genetic. But, as in the wild, in highly organized species, you can leave strong, healthy and viable offspring only by winning the sympathy of the opposite sex. The peacock has a tail. A person has “self-expression”, because brute force and killing an opponent are not welcome now. So you need to show which one/how amazing and unique you are.

  5. This is also genetic: the brighter you are, the more likely it is that they will notice you and want to continue the family with you. Yes, and the need for recognition (to leave behind not only offspring, but also something more) also, no one canceled it. 🙂

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