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  1. Rationalization, I suppose. A person understands that he is doing a terrible thing, and he needs to disguise it from himself and others in order to relieve tension. Here is such a psychological defense.�

    But damn, either I don't understand something, or the example you gave is more of a stereotype from movies and doesn't occur so often in real life. But I can't say anything definite – I haven't encountered pedophiles or incest (thank God).

  2. Individuals who make an attempt on the sexual life and health of their child are in fact mentally ill (like most of us, but to varying degrees).�

    Perhaps the person himself in childhood had a shock associated with sexuality, or there was a desire to make love with his father/mother (everyone has this, this phenomenon is explained in the writings of Freud).�

    Therefore, a person considers it normal to commit incest, thinking that he is acting for the benefit of his child, which, of course, is not the case.

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