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  1. This is only part of the truth and part of the plan, and it is important to understand the essence of conflicts, their meaning, cause and purpose, as well as which side in this conflict should be chosen.�

    There was no conflict at Creation – nor will there be when God completes the restoration of man and the earth. Thy will be done on earth as well as in heaven-this is part of the Jesus Prayer. There is no conflict in Heaven – there is harmony and Unity, which are a property of the sovereignty of the One Creator. But since the earth is ruled by the evil one ( the force that always wants evil-Faust) it is here that there is a conflict of many forces, both the forces of good and the forces of evil, and the conflict of one evil with another evil. Not every conflict serves a good purpose, but in any case, in a world where everything is divided into parts, there is a war of all against all. The only way out is to return to the One, but there is also a great struggle and conflict against this

  2. This interpretation seems rather slippery, and by the same time there have already been examples in history when they tried to create such a society by getting rid of bright, extraordinary personalities. Historically, everything ended badly. Any development involves a conflict with the old one. How to develop without conflict?

  3. Personality is a struggle it is a conflict

    A strong personality is a struggle. Weak is an escape from the struggle.

    the world's path to a conflict-free society is this the path to a faceless society?

    This is utopia. There will still be strong personalities, there will still be struggles and conflicts.
    Maybe in other, more civilized forms.
    But there will still be struggles and conflicts.

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