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  1. The guys here are drowning for science, so I decided to check in.

    Everything that concerns human consciousness in the end can not be completely scientific, because consciousness is a black box, we know what is at the entrance and exit, but on the basis of only these limited data, we can not build an adequate picture of what is happening inside, so according to the philosophy (or theory, as you prefer) of science, we can not know this.

    And yes, no one guarantees that “possessed by a demon” and” mental illness ” can't be the same thing. And in general, the myth of the psyche as something unified or one is a legacy of Christian anthropology.

  2. In fact, there is a fine line here.

    For people of faith, which I am, demon possession is true, as it is repeatedly mentioned in the New Testament. For others-agnostics and atheists-everything is more than explicable by science, although human consciousness remains and will remain a mystery, at least for our century.:)

  3. Science does not recognize the existence of any supernatural beings, including demons. Therefore, it is a manifestation of a mental illness.

  4. I've read a few comments here about what one atheist has to say the other is someone else. you know this is a dispute with the plains of kosmonafta with a cleaning lady or something like that you many touch that topic in kooroy with a small exception at least somehow knows something about it but everything is equal that you push water in a mortar this is a spiritual sphere not as it does not manifest itself materially because it is not always a demon or an evil spirit that does not manifest itself or does not manifest itself so openly only in a very sensitive environment for it, and not otherwise read the New Testament and maybe you will understand how it is done.

  5. Extraordinary statements require extraordinary evidence.�

    To believe in the existence of demons without good reason is stupid. We need material evidence, photos or videos, controlled and repeatable experiments, and material traces. For thousands of years of existence of this idea about the existence of demons, not a single convincing proof has been presented.

    This is partly why serious scientists and science in general do not deal with the issue. If there is no specific or even plausible subject matter to study, why waste time?

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