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  1. Psychologists were the least religious of all the university professors surveyed. The findings come from a study by Neil Gross of the University of British Columbia and Solon Simmons of Georg Masson University, which was published in the May 2009 issue of the journal Sociology of Religion.

    The article also cites data from another study that psychiatrists were the most atheistic of all doctors.

    The authors suggest that knowing how the brain works adds to materialism.

    By the way, according to Gross and Simmons, biologists” breathe in the back ” of psychologists! with their magnificent evolutionism and constantly developing biochemistry. And in third place – political scientists. Apparently, they also know something about the brain and religion.

    It remains to add that this was so far 1 study, well, maybe with psychiatrists – two. It is necessary to double-check the whole thing and find out the reasons, otherwise there is a chance to simply fall for the error of a “special” sample or an error in the research methodology.

  2. Psychologists generally correspond roughly to the environment in which they grew up.

    And if there are especially many atheists among urban intellectuals, then about the same percentage is among psychologists.

    Scientific and objective research “More religious – less religious” is devoid of a basis, because there are no criteria for religiosity, except for the subjective opinion of the person himself.

    And all sorts of surveys like:

    • How many times a day do you pray? Just once? Multiple times? every time before eating and starting work?

    • Do you attend church on holidays, weekends, or more often?


    • Do you go to confession and communion once a year? Several times a year? every weekend?

    They are formal and indelicate. And they won't get a true answer.

    But there are really a lot of convinced atheists among psychologists.

    In particular, due to the fact that a person is an intellectual, deprived of the support of the traditional Christian family with its unconditional love, very often seeks this support in psychology-the science of the soul.

    From a protest against traditional religion. And this protest is particularly demonstrative and loudly atheistic.

    Therefore, it seems that all psychologists are atheists.

  3. Psychology has nothing against religion at the moment , of course, there was a time when Freud called religion a mass psychosis , but before that, another father of psychology, William James, generally thought that atheism was associated with “poor functioning of some organ, such as the liver. ” And the next dominant person after Freud was the so-called occultist Jung . So no, psychologists are about as religious as any doctors .

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