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  1. By myself, I can say that no. If you don't like the job, then trying to find advantages only has a short-term effect. You have lived and developed as a person for more than 20 years, and you can't change yourself that easily. It's just that people usually quietly put up with it because they “need to”, but they can't bring themselves to love what they don't love.

  2. Yes, Katya, she doesn't like to go to the gym. I get tired there, I sweat, it's hard for me and I'm lazy, but I want a beautiful body, so I'll continue to do what I don't like.
    Says Katya.
    Katya has a friend Masha.
    Masha also wants a beautiful body.
    And Masha likes that in the gym she cleanses her body and then harmful elements come out, Masha feels how her body lives and works in the gym, and this brings her satisfaction.
    Which of the two girls do you think will achieve the best results?
    Your love for everything is relative, to change your attitude to something, you need to look at it from a different angle.

  3. I think to force-no. Because violence causes resistance. But if you remove the special actions for organizing love, then a shift can occur.�

    Love is generally a semantic experience. I.e. different people give it different meanings. The experience of love, respectively, is also different. What I think is common is the pleasure and satisfaction of contact. It doesn't matter with a person, with food, or with running on a cardio machine. This occurs when the desired needs are met. It is important to notice your needs. What do you satisfy at work or at the gym? You can choose what to go there for. Money, career, employment, communication, because you need it, development, so as not to sit at home, to please your parents? Add your own version. If in any of them you find excitement for yourself, then perhaps this is the motivation. Do this in order to….. have a chance to get pleasure, and at the end and satisfaction. Just do not take on everything at once, not running, not through the door, but slowly, selectively, with stops to digest the result and get and realize the experience, learn it. Because it's your choice.�

    If you don't have the choice of not going to work or not going to the gym, you can choose what to go there for. It is important that it is your choice and your excitement. And then the psyche will put everything in a box. Choice-respect for your choice-pleasure in the process-continuity of contact-intermediate results-satisfaction-dopamine-I want more)

  4. I don't think so. You can pump yourself up a lot in the matter of sports, for example, so that it becomes a habit and you will say what you like, but to love an unloved activity, I doubt that it will work.

    Another issue is that we sometimes have to do something that, at least, does not bring pleasure, and in this case we are talking about building the right motivation that will help us do this “something” without much violence.

  5. I try to be neutral about my work. I go to the office with a clear attitude: “Work for me is just a way to earn money, and behind its walls I will find a wonderful world and new impressions.” Do your work clearly and without emotion, because it is much better than getting upset because you have to do it.

  6. It seems like love is felt for people, not things or actions, as for interest in something, then incentives play an important role, if you want to eat, work, if you want to get attention, go to the gym. But the person himself is very lazy and hardly anyone likes to spend time at work or in the gym, instead of having a rest or eating something delicious.

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