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  1. A bad person is someone who causes harm to others: pain, violence, deprivation. Even if you ignore the consequences of such a life – on the part of other people, on the part of your own psyche, on the part of some other forces of the universe – how can you call such a life good?

  2. A bad person, that is, one who chooses evil, of course, will fit much better into the system of world evil. And evil is now very strong and in power. Therefore, a bad person will be helped by other bad people, rich and close to the authorities. He will have money, a career, fame, real estate. There will not be only one thing – good deeds, which are only important in evaluating human life. He will be feared, but despised. And after death, he will go to hell. No one lives well there anymore.

  3. Just because a person is bad doesn't mean that they live well.

    Example: you can find examples of bad people in poor areas of Russia(they beat their children and wife, spoil entrances, litter on the streets, beat them for money, etc.)�

    What is bad for you? Runs a red light?

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