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  1. Yes, yes, yes. especially doppelgangers of famous people.

    That's all right, your friend looks like Sophia Loren-well, my God, now the producer will probably fly for her. exactly. it's already flying.

  2. I think it's a myth. For starters, what is fate in general? Do you mean that people who are similar in appearance will have many similar important events in their lives?

    What do important events depend on? It depends on the time and place in which a person was born, on his character, on the people around him, and also on a huge number of accidents. Even gemini's lives are sometimes very different.

    I don't know where you got your quote from, but its author clearly didn't do any serious statistical research. Most likely, people who believe this are doing it because of cognitive errors. They compare two similar people and several important events that have coincided seem to them to be important evidence, but they ignore all the other dozens (or hundreds) of non-coincidental events. And yet, most of all people get married or get married, have children, find a job or close friends… If we were to compare any random pair of people (not necessarily similar), then we would find a couple of important matches, depending on how much we would dig into the comparisons.

  3. what about the twins ? And photos from different times ? there is an opinion that the soul determines the vessel, so the soul of someone there felt very good in this body ? but there she might have been the Queen of Sheba, or she might have been sitting in Lady Na's chair..bulina – but this means that the appropriate historical setting is needed, and society is evolving, everything is changing. and just because you look like George Washington doesn't mean you live in the 18th century ?

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