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  1. This phrase is a decoy for drug dealers. This means, of course, ” whatever you like.” I've never heard anyone refer to this as passive anal sex (from straight men), although it would help a lot, by the way. No one means taking part in the war, wrapping guts on howitzers, circumcising and converting to Islam, breeding lice in their hair, colonoscopies, or dropping out of university. But all this is a fundamentally unique and interesting experience that could help many people in life.

  2. I think if something is interesting, then you should definitely try it.

    But we are free to study the information and plan our experiences so that we can try everything in our own time. For example, the first sex before 20, parenthood from 25 to 50, climbing Mount Everest – after special training, and opiates-after the diagnosis of “inoperable cancer”.

    If you mess up with the correct order, you can try something in such a way that the other 10 items that you also need to try will not work.

  3. You should try everything that you want to try and it seems right to try, if it does not harm other people and does not involve violence.

    And so, I want to try something – try it!

    It is not always clear where this interest can lead, and this is normal. We don't always need to know everything.

    Try, try, move on and try again. Isn't that why we are given life, to experience and experience as much as possible?

  4. I once heard a statement from a young man. He was performing in front of an audience:

    “Many people believe that in this life you need to try everything. But for some reason, they only try cigarettes, alcohol, sex and drugs. Why don't they give it a try in real life:”finish Harvard, start a happy family, start a million-dollar business, make a scientific discovery, make an important invention, and so on…”

    By and large, after all, life is not an existence from the day of birth to the day of death. We live when we saturate our existence with emotions, sensations, and feelings. To experience great joy in life, you need to fill it with great achievements. By giving up the easy way to stimulate your senses, often with harm to your health, you will still have the resources to conquer high peaks.

    Everyone has a choice of what to spend their strength, abilities, and health on. There are no objective reasons for a person not to live up to 120 years, fully saturating every day with life.

    Choose your life!

  5. carefully-do not overeat,you will become fat,this is not a joke.There are some people who are called hedonists,they are just in this part, they love themselves and want to get as much out of life as possible,but, in the end, satiety comes, and with it a person can lose respect,love of relatives,and leave behind a lot of offended people. and all for the sake of trying everything. Be careful not to waste your life mindlessly

  6. I think this is utter nonsense. You will not try the grass near your home, will you? Do you want to taste the handrails of public transport? Try to jump over a 6-meter fir tree and so on? You need to try to do useful things. For example, try starting a family. Or try to teach children socially useful professions. Try to be worthy of the title of a person. And not everyone will contract what they offer.

  7. So it is, every person asks this question)

    Also, each person chooses his own path in this life!

    You choose what to try and what not to try!

    Experience and try everything is worth it!

    I'm sure of it!

    Because everyone is responsible for their own lives!

    But we are not the only ones who have this life,

    there are those who gave us this life and those for whom we are responsible in this life!!!

    Family and friends, friends and even acquaintances!

    WE are responsible for those who have been tamed and must remember those who have tamed us!

  8. I think that each person should decide for himself what is acceptable and what is not. When they say that you need to try everything in life, this is a direct incitement to some actions in which the subject of the dialogue lies! And this does not mean that you should go all out, on the contrary, it is necessary for yourself to know clearly, and I need it? And will I regret it later if I don't do it now?
    Personally, I think for myself, if you do something, then do not regret it later, and if you are incited to do something that will not bring anything positive into your life, then these are people who pull to the bottom, unfortunately there were enough of them in my life that I believed and who turned out to be wolves in sheep's clothing! THINK WITH YOUR HEAD! Decide for yourself and don't let people make decisions for you.

  9. Why then live if you don't enjoy life? So try EVERYTHING, but try all the most forbidden things at the end, almost before death, then you will avoid punishment)))

  10. Life is one – that is why you should not try in it what has already absolutely reliably destroyed an infinite number of lives before you. The belief that “I will definitely not fall for this bait, I will try and immediately give it up” is based on the misconception that “I am not like everyone else, special.” In purely human qualities, maybe special, who knows, in talent, for example. But in the physiological sense, we are all arranged, in general, in the same way. And the consequences of “trials” are also all similar.

  11. It's difficult here. On the one hand, things are more reliable than personal experience, I do not know. In this sense, it is very important to try and compare yourself. On the other hand, in the everyday world, we are surrounded by many things that can kill or severely injure us in no time: both the psyche and the body. So, in short, I think it's important to try. At the same time, it is also important to realize that there are many things that I can try to buy a “one-way ticket”, and to correlate the value of the experience and the risks. Apparently, there is no general rule for everyone here: people are different, and they need different experience. Weigh it, it is advisable not to break your neck unnecessarily.

  12. let the author of this quote take the shit out of following his call.

    We can assume that the author meant “to try all the good and interesting things that are not harmful to health and others”, but we will never know.

    At the end, an appropriate quote from Osho: “You'd rather starve than eat anything. And it's better to be alone than with just anyone.”

  13. It all depends on what happens after this question.

    If it concerns travel and various hobbies, this is one thing and yes, you should definitely try as much as possible. So that there would be more hobbies, more emotions and more pleasant memories left.

    But if it concerns same-sex nastiness, then this is completely different.

    Therefore, it is not necessary to confuse the concepts and adjust others to them.

  14. I totally agree! But…one correction,you can go very far into all this! Well, what will they still find, and if not??? Somehow this action is very annoying

  15. I think that life is still one, and it is necessary to try everything good and most importantly without harm and damage to health. Like this.

    There are a lot of beautiful things in life and it is somehow not good not to use this opportunity.

  16. You can certainly try everything, why not.

    Only here the overwhelming majority of adherents of this life position completely forget (or do not know) that using the right to try everything, they automatically undertake to clean up all the consequences of this “trying”. I think it is not necessary to give examples, and so it is clear.

  17. It's not safe to try everything on yourself. It is better, after all, to think first: is it necessary to do this? Why ignore the sad experiences of others? Why put yourself in danger out of mere curiosity? Why step on the same rake? I personally do not understand climbers who just for self-affirmation, climb mountains, break down, and then others, risking their lives, climb to save them.

  18. This is the voice of the enemy of the human race. To listen to it is to commit the murder of one's own soul. Doom your soul to eternal destruction. If a person tries all sorts of sins on himself, passing them through himself, through his nature, then he cannot remain free from them. A person falls into a terrible and oppressive slavery to sin. Every person is given Intelligence. For what? So that he considers good and evil in advance. I have seen the terrible consequences of sin, which pervert human nature and kill a person within himself. To do this, it is not necessary to try everything on yourself. Look around and see everything. You can see what sin does to other people and to what depths a person falls. So it becomes extremely difficult to recognize a person in it. It's only a smart person who learns from the mistakes of others. The fool is always only on his own. Always remember. Falling is easy, but getting up is hard. This requires a lot of effort. And not the fact that these forces will be enough.

  19. In my opinion, this “appeal” is seen as a kind of speculation by permissiveness and partial manipulation.
    But be that as it may , I answer. There is such a term “sin”, and it has a definition. So: “It is a sin to cause other living beings pain unnecessarily. It's not a sin to hurt yourself, it's stupid.”
    Make further conclusions here yourself.

  20. This is a very stupid thesis. Do I need to do coprophagy? Get over syphilis? Break a leg? Suffer alcoholism, commit meanness and leave a loved one?

  21. “Try everything” is an extremely intriguing plan of action! In my humble opinion, the best option to start with is suicide. You will become almost as cool as Jack Bane, and most importantly, you will avoid the inevitable existential frustration caused by the inability to implement a plan of action to try out “everything”, because your life must be incredibly ordinary, boring and routine, and you have no idea how to fix it!

  22. I remember a good example
    – Life is only one and so short
    – What do you mean? What do you need to spend your whole life constantly searching for new sensations ? Or that we only have one chance to change this world?

  23. stupid motto, sly, I usually hear it from the lips of drug addicts. It is not necessary to try everything at all – a wise person learns from other people's mistakes, which means that many things can and should be avoided.
  24. I don't know who said it, but I liked it: “When they say that you should try everything in life, they usually mean drugs or same – sex sex, and much less often-quantum physics.”

  25. Illustration-you get to a certain warehouse where there is a lot of things-edible, poisonous, inedible, what can be used after cooking in combination with other ingredients, etc. How will this dur call work? There is such a stage of cognition of the world in infancy under the control of adults, which takes place in most homosapiens

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