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  1. According to the Vedas, particularly in the Srimad-Bhagavatam, boys were brought up and trained in the home of a teacher. The teacher taught the boys according to their inclinations, revealing their talents. Nor did the teacher himself have any bad habits. This is very important! Children often copy the behavior of their elders. The child was given the necessary knowledge and skills. Men were raised by men! Brad Pitt once said with regret: “our generation is a generation of men who were raised by women.”�

    Boys up to 20-25 years old lived in the teacher's house, and had to learn to become happy. They lived in fairly modest, but not harsh conditions. Later they married, and could easily live in luxury, or continue to live in modest conditions, since they were not spoiled, they were by that time real men. When a boy learned to be happy, he could make his wife happy, then one of his children happy, then another, and so on. There are almost no such schools in modern society, so parents should make sure that the boy is surrounded by successful and responsible men with high moral convictions. Then there is a chance! The Mahabharata speaks about the right approach of a responsible man – in the beginning, a man found a country with a good king (government), then earned wealth (and in a good state a man could hope to make capital in five to ten years), then found a wife in this country, then had children. Don't you think that nowadays everything starts in reverse order?:( This is one of the problems of modern society! A young man can stay where he was born and raised, if he has the opportunity to earn money, and save money.�

    A strong man is one who can resist his bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, and fornication. Otherwise, he is a slave to his passions. A man gives his wife physical protection, which consists of five things: a home, clothing, food, jewelry, and children. He finds solutions, he does not reproach his wife, does not laugh at her, but inspires. Helps emotionally, digests women's emotions, especially restless ones, reacts normally and calms down. A man gives his wife a foothold ,he is her protection and a woman can show her energy, she can act and show creativity. She knows that her husband will guide, help, soothe, and protect her. Next to such a man, ANY woman will calm down and be happy. A man is not afraid of the truth about himself and does not rush to” hack ” others with the truth, he values relationships, friendship and love…

  2. It's simple :

    1. A man is a man of his word, “once said, then he must do it,” without any excuses.�

    2 A man is a man of action, ” he “has a cause to which he has devoted his life.�

    1. The man understands that everything that doesn't kill him makes everything stronger. �Encountered a problem, �went to solve it. �Don't freak out, �don't pass, �namely went and did.�

    2. A man should be distinguished by psychological stability, �this woman can suddenly arrange the devil knows what from scratch.�

    3. A man is a person whom relatives are ready and willing to trust ,надежный he is reliable. �

    4. A man will not offend his loved ones by word or deed.

  3. The image of a man depends on culture, but is still, for the most part, determined by biology. The struggle for hierarchy is the basis of male existence, do not deny it, and it happens everywhere, sometimes not even consciously – in the form of jokes, “friendly” jokes. A real man fights, wins, overcomes difficulties, moves steadily forward, gains confidence and experience for the sake of standing in the pack. For what? Access to resources and reproduction. Cultural diversity provides many areas for the realization and rationalization of primitive aspiration. Science, art, sports, business, etc. choose for every taste.�

    Whether this is bad or not, I do not undertake to answer, this is a question from another sphere, which is extremely difficult to answer without touching on the fundamental.

    As they said in ancient times:”know yourself.” Just choose the path you like, without forgetting about the mind.

  4. A real man is kind, merciful, intelligent. He will not shift the responsibility for cleaning and cooking the house to his wife, because he is not a guest, but a full member of the family, who also has his own responsibilities like the rest. A real man will not leave it up to his wife to take care of their children-help them do their homework, go to a parent-teacher meeting, listen, give advice, teach them something, discuss it, take a walk with the child, change diapers, get up at night to feed. A real man respects women. He takes care of his wife, can listen and regret, share his feelings. A real man is against violence, especially to his loved ones. A real man is also a human being and he can have his own weaknesses. There is no 100%strong person. A real man is a man who is not afraid to cry. Who is not afraid to stand up for the weak. Who is not afraid to speak out against injustice. A real man does not divide people into varieties: race, gender, orientation, disability, etc.

  5. How to become – to be brought up by a “real” man. Although the very word “realness” can already be questioned. In our upside-down world, real men are called fake men, and vice versa. For example, a man who leaves the country where he was born in search of a better life is condemned by society. The same can be said about caring for women. Previously, a man protected and provided for his woman. The keyword is “your”. Now wives, according to current laws, do not belong to their husbands. And thinking strong-willed men are reconsidering their approach to relationships, and their society also condemns them.

  6. You come up with a definition of a real man and go ahead: become one. For example: “A real man is someone who doesn't wonder how to become one” or “By wondering how to become a real man, you are already becoming one.”
    You can also use any other definition that you like. Good luck, fake one.

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