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  1. First, YOU NEED to learn how to manage your feelings , have complete control over your thoughts, and be fearless.
    Create an IMAGE of the future self that you want to become and merge with it in your imagination, concentrate on it in your life, striving to behave as you would if you were already a new Self (your image).
    Pieces of the image (its hypostases) – give birth from your inner aspirations and desires (pure), as well as being inspired by the behavior of people whose qualities you want to adopt and vivid images from books and movie actors.

    Put the main foundation in it: dignity, self-sufficiency, independence, pride (not to be confused with pride).
    What you imagine yourself to be (what energy-thoughts you attract), you become.
    It WORKS, it's just a matter of time and faith. And most importantly, do not betray yourself, do not deviate from the path.� The image must be balanced: as you want to be treated, so treat others.

    In behavior, do not allow yourself to be manipulated by others based on self-interest (from any side). �

    Do not obey orders, any relationship only on a free basis, mutual respect and love. �

    Break any ties in life that limit your dignity and self-sufficiency (here you need fearlessness and faith).�

    Don't feel guilty when you are being indoctrinated, and you are really not guilty (not to be confused with self-justification). Through instilling feelings of guilt ,someone else's karma is dumped on you, for example, religions: a servant of God.�

    Suppress any complexes of thinking and distortions of feelings such as: boss-subordinate (see “Thick and thin”). �

    Track and remove other people's thought forms from your thinking, especially those that incline you to accept someone else's point of view voluntarily or forcibly (Overton's window).
    Develop your free thinking skills.

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