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  1. I mean , everything that surrounds me, all the ideas, art, traditions – it's all invented by people to amuse each other, so to speak. They came up with what's bad and what's good, what's fashionable and what's not, they came up with self-expression, and all this is from”don't do it”. And all this is seasoned with a division into friends and foes, cool and bad. We watch movies about each other, we think about each other, we gossip about each other, we make plans, we hope that having a certain person, life will become more bearable. We collect money so that there is more housing, and a TV to watch who is doing what on TV. In all these actions there is no sense-it is done just to do. And it fucked up – every day the same thing, the same people, the same emotions. Fear love, hate, gonor, etc. ´┐ŻOur culture has created things for us that we should enjoy, and we get high from them all our lives. This is all fucked up. And I'm only 22, still live and live, and I'm already fucked up. I understand that there is no other existence and probably will not be. And if there is, xs what and who will I be and how and what

  2. I wonder what you don't like about the competition?
    this… really nature.

    all living things compete, even oaks and grass ants, not to mention animals.

    And then all of a sudden, it makes you sad? why?

  3. First of all, you have yourself and your own sense of being embodied in the world of people! Judging by what you write, not only have you not realized your appearance in this world and your consciousness, you have not even found the path that you should take and follow to moksha! And everything that happens around you, which really annoys you, is the matrix in which you are stuck! You don't need to react in any way to what is around you, you have your own meaning of appearing in the world of people and you must realize it in full!

  4. I perfectly understand your problem and how you feel. Moreover, if you look closely, you will see this competition even within one seemingly prosperous family. all living things compete with each other. if you do not want to see this and participate in this process, then there is only one way out. stop the process of birth and death. because in each of the subsequent lives, the same thing awaits you.

  5. Accept it as the reality of the modern world. Your worldview is created by people (religion/culture). thequestion.ru -created by humans. Even your question is a consequence of understanding this. You simply know this world, but the world is unchanged from your perception, nothing new – no changes.

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