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  1. The answer is given to the question that was originally formulated differently: “How does Raskolniov's theory live today?”

    This is not a theory, and it does not “live”.

    This is one of the questions of self-affirmation and the choice of a life philosophy that are reproduced on each person.

    A child who steps on some bug on the ground begins to think about his power over another being and the possibility of giving life to someone, and to someone-not. But either independently or at the suggestion of adults, one of the children immediately asks the following question:: “What if someone steps on me like that and takes my life?” and forever understands the value of life and the primacy of this natural right.

    But there is another way of thinking, which Raskolnikov came to in his youth. He wanted to get a taste of power over another person at the level of managing that person's life. Crush and taste the aftertaste.

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