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  1. In such a short life, I have seen a hundred times that no matter what kind of friends are loyal, kind, sympathetic, etc., there is still a high chance of betrayal. I was disappointed in my friendship. It doesn't make me happy.

    But a million dollars will do (:

    I will buy 2 nice apartments, I will live in one and rent out the other. Finally visit the cities/countries of my dreams. I will spend part of the funds on implementing one interesting and extremely useful project for society (in the field of healthcare). I'll give the rest of my money to charity.

    So I would choose money.

  2. Real friends are your children! There are four of our own. If I had two million, I'd adopt two. One million for life and another for education. The proportion is calculated on the fly, but the principle of “investing” money is the only one for me. And already tested


    Some will say a bad merchant. I partially agree.

    But to each his own

  3. Honestly, honestly? Friends. 🙂 Truth. I guess I really do have such great friends that they are priceless. A million dollars is cool. But even with much less money, I feel quite happy. I have enough for clothes, food, entertainment, and I can even save up for travel. 🙂 So what am I going to buy for a million dollars? A yacht? What do I need it for? Or is the plane just a private one? I don't need it either.:))

  4. Everyone would choose their own 🙂 and everyone has their own goals in life. if you are a careerist, a consumer, and a supporter of material goals (there is nothing wrong with this)
    if you are a conscientious, loyal friend, then you will choose your friends. otherwise, choosing money in any case, you will feel sorry for yourself and gnaw at yourself. everyone is different

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