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  1. Need 🙂 the main thing is to act, and not sit and dream about People from the next house. People like you are very rare. But I can only guess that when you have a serious relationship, you will stop being romantic, and most likely stop writing poetry. But this is just a guess, because the most such mch, who was a romantic, writing poetry before meeting me. Even though it feels like growing up.

  2. I wonder where this question even came from.

    The point is that you are in the wrong society/environment. Be sure not to lose yourself and your essence( your poems and desires to compose), you will find a circle of people who live the same way as you, but this will make you happier than those who just make jokes all their lives.�

    And if you are talking about girls, then you will not just find a girl, anyhow. You will find the real one, the one who will share your life with you

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