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  1. I agree with you. His most popular speech, which has become a youth meme, is, however, not just the fruit of his personal experiences, but the result of his passion for pantheistic esotericism. The experience of oneself as a single person with the “God-Universe”, which Serge so pathetically claimed, is in fact the ancient brahmanic wisdom about the unity of Atman (a single spirit) and Brahman (an all – united transcendent substance, a pantheistic god). Moreover, within the framework of the religious philosophy of India itself, these thoughts have long been philosophically justified in various schools of Hinduism, and in Serge they are supported only by his emotional message and that's all. In general, I have noticed for a long time that if a person wants to become popular, it is enough to voice something ancient from the mythology of mankind and he will immediately become one. An example is Luc Besson with his film “The Fifth Element”, which is in fact a retelling of the partly alchemical tradition, partly occultism of the nineteenth century. From there, the filmmaker borrowed such ideas as-пять five elements and in the center-a person, wise minds of aliens, “Dark Orb” (“a dark planet that brings death and evil”), etc.

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