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  1. I believe that a person should listen to another person , then draw their own conclusions and make what you have accepted and parents are also no exception .
    For example, your mom says that she doesn't like the girl you chose and wants you to break up , even though you love her and feel comfortable with her . You will continue to live with your choice, and not your mother, so decide for yourself whether to be a mother's son and listen to your mother in everything, or become an adult and make decisions on your own .
    It's up to you to decide who to listen to and who not to listen to . Mom may be a native person , but she can also make mistakes

  2. I don't like the word “must” a little bit. What do you mean you should? Here they will say to a person- “you must”? So what? no other choice for him? and if it doesn't, then it's bad? But he has his own circumstances, thoughts, reasons can be, and it turns out that he should not, like no one and no one and nothing.

    As for listening to your mother, it never hurts, both for a man and a woman. But to listen is only to consider her point of view. It is still up to the person to decide, and only he will be responsible for his decision.

  3. You should listen, not listen.�

    Mothers always wish only the best. Well, at least they are sure that it will really be good for their children (sometimes, of course, without taking into account the opinions of all parties). Mom is a person who knows you like no one else, who has been with you all your life. Yes, of course, her advice is valuable, important and wise.�

    But… It is unlikely that there is at least one lady who will respect a man who unconditionally follows his mother's advice. It's especially funny when the whole thing is disguised as a man's self-made-up opinion.

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