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  1. It's worth it, but it's not enough. There is a very good parable on this subject:

    One day a man came running to Socrates and began to say:

    – Socrates, I want to tell you as a friend…

    “Wait!” “Answer me first the question: Have you sifted what you want to tell me through three sieves?”

    “What other three sieves?” – the man was surprised.

    The first is a sieve of truth. Is what you want to tell me true?

    “I don't know,” the visitor said doubtfully. – I've heard it from others…

    – But then you must have sifted your story through a second sieve!” Socrates continued. “It's a sieve of kindness. Is what you want to tell me really something good and creative?

    “No, I don't think so,” the other man said honestly. “But…

    The sage stopped him again:

    – Then let's take a third sieve and ask the question: is it really necessary that you tell me what you came with?”

    – There's no need for that…

    “So,” Socrates smiled, ” if this is neither true, nor kind, nor necessary, then let's leave it at that! Don't tell me or burden yourself with it.

  2. Yes, it's worth it. In the long run, honesty is beneficial, because honesty is an opportunity for a long and mutually beneficial relationship, and dishonesty is a one-time benefit.

    Examples: a person with a reputation for honesty will be given a loan more readily, and this is sometimes a very necessary thing. An honest seller who openly presents the properties of his product does not risk encountering disappointed expectations and will sell the product for a long time and have regular customers.

    Integrity is the foundation of your reputation. The facts of deception and fraud usually pop up and can cancel out years of accumulation of a positive reputation or a dishonest transaction.

  3. It depends only on you, your vision of the perfect self and your goals for life.�

    If lying for you is simple, everyday and necessary, then either you should change everything in yourself, or enjoy life.

    There is no correct one. There are solutions and consequences.�

    If a person is simple and honest with everyone, and it makes him feel good – this is his choice,this is a manifestation of his essence. People will reach out to him, but they will use him and betray him.

    And an avid liar can take slippery paths to achieve their goals with minimal effort. But staying alone or being an outcast is the easiest thing to do. Such a person is unlikely to be treated selflessly. And when there is nothing to give people, then there will be nowhere to wait for help.

    It should also be understood that absolutely honest, as well as absolutely false, do not happen. As there is nothing absolute at all. Therefore, I believe that in this matter you should listen only to yourself and focus only on your ideals. No wonder there is the expression “lie to save”. Sometimes it is stupid and unprofitable to fall for a provocation and open all the trumps. Be smart and honest with those who are important to you.

  4. First of all, be honest with yourself. partly with others. honest people are respected but not popular. being dishonest is not given to everyone. in a word, the relative concept is not with everyone and not always.

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