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  1. If you need one of its themes, then yes, take it. I read 2 books from different series: “The Secret Pill for fear” and “Halls of Reason”, I'm going to take another one ” Thinking. System research”. In principle, if you watch it on thinking, then lectures and videos may well be enough for you to live. For detailed study and structuring, it is good, of course, to take a book.

  2. Kurpatov is a merchant, and his books are nothing more than a way of earning money.
    Sometime later, after you are more or less familiar with psychology, you can read it. And I would not even say that everything is bad for him. Sometimes there are more or less sound ideas. But a beginner does not have enough understanding to separate these ideas from any nonsense, so I do not recommend reading Kurpatov for beginners to understand.

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