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  1. Don't worry, honey.If it hurts at heart, then I think the best way is not to keep all this pain, but to speak out to a friend,a friend, and even better to my mother,she will understand everything and help.If you don't want to, there are special service numbers on the Internet,it's all anonymous,just talk to a person and maybe he will help you with something (morally, advice)

  2. Find something to keep you warm. A good book, a cup of hot tea, a blanket, a cat, whatever. (judging by myself, I'm sorry). Smoking is definitely not an option. Physical problems will only be added to the mental problems. And sometimes it is also useful to be sad. But with this it is better not to delay, life is too short to spend it on a forgery of sadness.

  3. No, smoking is far from an option. You will feel better – but in the future you will regret that you started smoking because of the usual depressant. Believe me, you will be hurt more than once in your life, and cigarettes will worsen your physical health every time. Learn to sublimate energy, especially when you are depressed. It helps people to reach heights in the field of creativity, and in general to achieve socially acceptable goals. Famous poets such as Baudelaire, Yesenin, Blok and others were in a state of manic depression, which allowed them to write brilliant poems. But if you don't want to be creative, try hard at your hobby. Do you like sports? – run, practice even harder, start hating yourself when you are in pain, because then you will be good at playing games?- Immerse yourself in them, in my opinion they are more distracting than books. You may be able to make money from this. I think you understand the point, don't be sad!)

  4. No, get distracted, smoking does not save you in any way, but only aggravates the situation, do what usually gave you pleasure,a walk, books, photos, etc.

  5. Smoking is not necessary at all – it will not do any good, and the pain will not subside thanks to cigarettes. If the pain could be extinguished with a cigarette, life would be much easier! Remember all those who were mentally wounded and smoked one after another (sitting on the windowsill, smoking, drinking coffee and thinking about it) – did cigarettes really help them?

    But they can do harm! Why do you need this harm in addition to the heartache? You need to solve your problems, not make them worse.

  6. Of course it's worth it. Then it will hurt not only in the shower, but also in the chest and throat. And physical pain, as you know, helps to distract from mental pain.

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