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  1. Well, it's a shame for an adult, to put it radically-it should never be ashamed at all; this is such an “infantile” emotion based on the fact that there are some big and important uncles and aunts around, to whom you “should” behave perfectly.

    However, you can be embarrassed, this is a healthy form of the same experience-moreover, it is even normal and “shown” when your opinion turns out to be nonsense. But again – on the basis of understanding that your opinion = your concerns; if it is very much contrary to science, practice and so on-well, it happens, but it is not “stone”, you can change it, you create difficulties for yourself, and not for others.

  2. “An opinion, if it is highly subjective and is not supported by either scientific facts or taken out of the philosophical reasoning of intelligent people,” is often an uncultured and little-respected opinion.

    A very rare exception is possible – if such an opinion is deeper and more accurate than the existing classical knowledge, based on a deeper logic and supported by arguments.

  3. Naturally.

    Nowadays, any fool can back up his opinion with “scientific facts”, and you haven't even tried. Lazy person.

    And the philosophical reasoning of intelligent people does not contain any opinions, except that they quote stupid ones. So this is more of a plus for you.

  4. Opinions that are not based on facts are usually erroneous or incomplete. The value of all opinions is known to be the same, and is approximately zero. An adequate person will probably be ashamed if he warmly defended an erroneous opinion. Philosophical arguments and other people's opinions are not facts, whether you agree with them or not is up to you.

  5. The issue is borderline with the New Ethics. It is hardly worth being afraid of your own opinion, as well as stupidly holding on to it in any circumstances. And all the more reason to be ashamed.

    The texture of our ideas about what we think is real is extremely complex and depends on many factors, even the weather.

    It is quite clear that the process of knowledge is endless, and new knowledge is constantly changing the systems of evidence, from scientific to imperial.

    Right down to morals and moral categories.

    And the most interesting thing is that past dogmas and outdated approaches are an invaluable basis for our fleeting existence.

  6. No way…)And then…who told you that you are not a genius, not the brightest talent of our century…?Well, what if?And just imagine what a loss for humanity, if not supported by either scientific facts or withdrawn from the philosophical reasoning of some intelligent people ,your very subjective BRILLIANT opinion will remain unvoiced and will be lost in vain just because its own owner and creator will suddenly be ashamed of it…yes, with what such joy?Your opinion has the right to exist on an equal basis with the opinions of anyone, even if only because it exists and belongs to YOU…well, and if it is also brilliant…Then the human race will not forgive you at all for hiding it from humanity…therefore, based on all of the above, make a conclusion yourself…)And consider this…just in case…the more opinions there are,bright,different and unusual, the more interesting life is,the more diverse it is..and you have the full and inalienable right to make life itself and the world around you,expressing your opinion, the way you want it…as does everyone living today…and those who lived before and will continue to live…here's something like that…)Good luck…)

  7. no! There are several things in our world that are not fixed either in the jurisdiction, or in the science of relativists, or in quantum physics. BUT these things are more real than THAT. Conscience, premonition, is the PERSON. This is the only main thing that we have. Together with God and life. And an OPINION is an expression of our worldview, it is our essence. Why should we be ashamed of it if it's Me ? (Even chikatila wasn't ashamed of herself.)

  8. Absolutely not. There is a wonderful saying on this topic – “as many people, so many opinions”. You are certainly entitled to your own subjective opinion. There is nothing to be ashamed of, and it does not matter whether you referred to scientific facts or to “smart people”!! And most importantly, I hope you understand that this is only your opinion and to impose (!) it on anyone would be very unacceptable on your part!

  9. I don't think I should be ashamed of your opinion. If only because you have the right to do so. Also, a big factor in this issue is whether you pay attention to someone evaluating you, criticizing you, or discussing you for your opinion. If you don't notice it, why should you be ashamed of it? If you are ashamed of yourself for some opinion, then at least do not say it out loud and forget it.

  10. There is no shame in being ignorant. You can't know everything. It should be a shame to be a militant ignoramus, to substitute “opinion”for knowledge. Do not want to understand the level of their competence and the thoroughness and reliability of their knowledge.

    Unfortunately, it is extremely rare for a person to be able to say in a dispute or discussion “for what I bought, for what I sell”. “I'm not an expert, but I think I've seen something like this, but I can't guarantee it.”

  11. Why should you be ashamed of your opinion? If you deliberately do not want to offend anyone with this opinion, then why even worry about the degree of similarity between your opinion and the opinions of famous people. The opinion on that and the opinion that everyone has their own. Everyone has their own life experience, their own worldview, so everything is in order. Of course, it never hurts to read something on a specific topic, know what other people are saying about this issue, and be savvy. But you should not be upset that someone will consider your opinion erroneous and illogical, you will not please everyone. On the contrary, it is this side that is valuable, because it is its own, and not imposed.

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