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  1. It is precisely for the reason that love can cause unbearable pain, unnecessary expenses and other problems – I decided to give up love altogether and forever.

  2. I'm sorry, but this is a ridiculous question.

    you live. and life is pain.

    of course, there is joy and fun and excitement and victory and fear and anger and pain.

    and in the end, you will die.

    and most likely, you will be in pain.

    so that…. it is rather absurd to give up an idea just because you have seen it, it can be painful.

    so what now?� it will hurt and stop

  3. If you are not sure or know for sure that this is love or what good it will bring and if this person whom you love does not reciprocate, nor do you need to fight for it, if he does not want to, then you also do not need to fight for it, better try to let it go and be happy .

  4. If we are talking about giving up love for someone at all, then the answer is unequivocal — no. This is a direct path to misery. What you need to do is eliminate unnecessary, inappropriate suffering and learn to give yourself to love, despite the risk.

    I believe that excessive suffering from love (jealousy, breakup, unrequited love, etc.) is essentially a mental illness. A person who has balanced all the systems and processes in the body will not suffer much because of this, but nevertheless will have the ability to love with all his heart. We must strive for this.

  5. It's up to you and no one else to decide. And the responsibility for the choice also lies only with you. You build your values based on your priorities.

    I've seen a lot of people regret being alone in their lives and consider their life a failure in this regard, and I've also seen another lot of people regret connecting with someone instead of being left alone.

    The carapace is good because it allows you to hide and no one will hurt you. But the bad thing is that no one will pet you.

    But in any case, the dream of most is a relationship. Not everyone has the ability to live their life alone by devoting it to some cause. I recently watched a documentary about Japan (The World inside out) – so it shows that the Japanese have a serious problem in developing relationships with the opposite sex, the inability to establish them, build them, the fear of being rejected, betrayed, injured, etc. All this leads to the fact that most Japanese men get animated girlfriends and even wives-enter into marriages with them. The production of rubber dolls is also gaining momentum. Women entertain themselves a little differently. In general, as for me, this is not a solution.

  6. This is a very ambiguous question.You can view it from several points of view:1) Yes, you can not love anyone, be selfish and do not care,but somewhere in the depths of your soul, sometimes, feel uncomfortable from the fact that you are not loved.2)This is already an extreme option, and the most terrible of all:to fall in love with a person who does not love you,and here,we will see such pain and suffering that we can agree with the author of the answer.From my point of view, you need to love/show sympathy for a person who feels feelings for you in return, because in this case you will not give up love, and you will not experience suffering…What a pity that in our life everything is the other way around,and people quickly become stale and their souls turn to stone,and all because the heart is not ordered.

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