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  1. It would be the right thing to do in life. Hope for the best, calculate for the worst and be prepared for it, have a backup plan for all occasions. Identify priorities and strive for them with all your might. Like it's a matter of life and death. Then everything works out. Hopes are dashed when every effort is not made to realize them. And I remember broken hopes much longer than realized ones. This is how a person works. That's why such questions arise.

    When everything is good, we all immediately consider ourselves worthy of this success, even if it is … g-m…not quite deserved. And we take such circumstances for granted.�

    There are cases when the very tragedy of broken hopes mobilizes a person, and he persistently overcomes all obstacles.

    Just two months ago, the legendary English musicians delighted their fans by announcing their reunion. Hard rock band Black Sabbath has started recording a new album for the first time in 33 years and was soon going to tour the world with concerts. And suddenly unexpected news: guitarist Tony Iommi, without whom this band is impossible to imagine, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the lymphatic tissue (lymphoma). Now the musician consults with his doctors about what course of treatment to choose. Iron Man, as they call Tony, is determined to get well.

    This is not the first serious challenge in Iommi's life. At the age of 17, he was already playing in a band and working part-time at a steel rolling mill. On the eve of the first “tour that was supposed to take place in Germany, a young musician” had an accident.�Replacing the metal carver on the machine, Tony �cut off the pads of the middle and nameless ones !http://fakty.ua/user_uploads/images/articles/2012/01/19/145581/04 black sabbath.jpg

    fingers. �The doctor thought that after that, Iommi would have to forget about playing the guitar. These words plunged the young man into depression, which his friend helped him get out of. He let Tony listen to recordings of a gypsy guitarist who lost three fingers in a fire ( Django Reinhardt is also a star).

    Inspired by this example, Tony came up with special plastic finger pads. To do this, he melted a bottle of detergent, ” made something like thimbles and made sure that they fit correctly “on his fingers. After spending a lot of time making them, guitarist обнаружил found that the ends of the resulting finger pads did not press the strings. To achieve maximum contact with the tool, Tony glued pieces of artificial leather to the plates, having previously soaked it with oils. “I learned to play the guitar again through practice and perseverance,” says the musician. But it was after the injury that his style of play became inimitable and recognizable.

    Iommi's cancer was discovered while working with Black Sabbath in Los Angeles. It is known that lymphoma is called different types of cancerous tumors of the lymphatic system. In the fight against this disease, they resort to ” chemotherapy, radiation, and in some cases even a bone marrow transplant.” On the band's official website, the musicians addressed fans of the legendary guitarist: “Channel Tony with your positive energy. “The Iron Man of Rock' n ' Roll is on the rise and is determined to make a full and successful recovery.”

  2. Well, in general, a person always hopes for something. He thinks about it most often when he hopes for something big or hard to achieve. Every day, small hopes are fulfilled, which we do not consider them to be true. And hopes are dashed as often as they are justified, but again, we have more hopes stored in our heads than everyday ones. As a result, such impressions and questions are created.

  3. It seems to me that it is necessary not to think, but to imagine in advance the whole totality of what can flow out as consequences from this or that action.

    Of course, we can't predict everything. Can we predict anything at all? However, a sense of certainty and understanding that is more or less based on the foundation will still develop.

    Think, calculate, and do.

    But in addition, no matter how scary it may seem, of the many options, you should always see the saddest one. Another question is whether you will be hoping for it.

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