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  1. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is classified as a psychological or behavioral disorder, so, contrary to stereotypes, insomnia can be successfully cured with the help of conversational therapy (in fact, this is a more preferable option than taking sleeping pills). At the same time, you cannot address this problem to any psychologist – for successful treatment, a psychologist must be competent in cognitive behavioral therapy in general and in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) in particular. If you don't have such a specialist within your reach (either in person or via the Internet), then you can consider using a somnologist, psychiatrist, or general practitioner.

  2. Perhaps the wrong and disorderly mode factor is at play here. If the peak of activity at night falls on vykhs, it is very difficult to explain to the body why it is suddenly necessary to pass out at this time. Limited sleep time. I know this topic: you have, say, 4-6 hours. You keep telling yourself: I need to go to sleep-tomorrow's great things, I need to go to sleep, I need to go to sleep… And nothing happens. Because self-control and sleep are incompatible concepts. Well, here you should not, I think, get high on sedatives – then you will be like a vegetable. Or you can just crash two cans of “Nine” or “Hunting” for the night. There will be pleasant colored dreams, with a smooth awakening; without headaches.

    If you are familiar with alcohol well and for a long time, then you will need a little more than 2 cans…

  3. Is worth. It is especially important to do this when you work part-time as a projectionist and waiter at night, become the leader of an underground club, and suffer from a split personality, with partial memory loss.

  4. You can contact a sleep therapist if he eats in your city. This is a physiological problem, so a neurologist, somnologist, or psychiatrist should see you.

  5. “cute as a cat” with sleep problems.. I saw one movie that started out the same way)

    Yes, it might be worth it. But most likely, knowledgeable people would advise starting with a “simple doctor” – for sure, the problem with the “physical” state is tied more tightly than with the psychological one. That is, maybe you are overworked, or you are on pills/you drink coffee or energy drinks/you eat something “wrong”.)(

    either way, “get better”)

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