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  1. Good afternoon!

    I prefer the idea of listening to expert opinion, that is, choosing a recommendation from a person who is experienced and competent in a particular business or field. About “wishes for good” I will say that intentions in general are such a thing that, firstly, you can not check, and secondly, someone else's idea of “good” may differ greatly from yours, so it may turn out that the adviser would be happy to get the result that he advises, but this does not suit you at all. With your feelings, too, not everything is so simple, first of all, our needs often compete with each other and tell you only one – each has its own. And secondly, you may simply not know that the desire or task that has arisen can also be solved in such and such a more effective way, as in the jokes: “Why, it was possible?”

    An important point: an expert in one area does not necessarily understand the other. Look at a person's performance in a particular field to determine their expertise.

  2. Do you mean should you do what others suggest if you don't like the idea?

    No. Definitely not.

    If they wish you well, then let them write it in a greeting card. But you are responsible for your own life, so you should only do what you have the resources to do and what you are ready to take responsibility for later. In other words, only what you have a heart for.�

    Giving advice is easy – the adviser shows himself smart and caring, but does not take responsibility. In case of failure, such “wishful thinkers” will not share the consequences with you. This will be your personal failure. You will have to pay the loan for a failed business yourself. You will also have to put up with people who will turn away from you because of any of your actions. You will also have to study for 5 years in a specialty that you don't like. Therefore, when someone gives you “well-intentioned” advice on how to live, ask them to translate these good intentions into money. I think few people will agree, because giving advice is not turning bags.

  3. Living with the help of these people gives you the opportunity to look at a situation from a different angle and perhaps not rush into some decision or action. You absolutely do not have to do what people who want good advise you to do, but you should definitely be grateful for their desire to help.

  4. First you need to understand what sincerely means, because this is the main thing, the rest will be added!

    If a Person does something sincerely, then:

    1. He loves you and advises you out of Love.

    2. He believes in his rightness without any hesitation.

    In the first case, you will not even have the question that you asked, you just do what is advised, on the simple basis that you will feel Love immediately and you will not have any doubts about the usefulness of the advice for you.

    In the second case, you will feel exactly what you felt when you asked this question.

  5. All decisions are always made by a person himself. And only then he will be responsible for them. No references to advisers, to religions, to clever books, to instructions from superiors have the slightest meaning. You decided it yourself – you'll answer it yourself. Learn to be independent.

  6. It's a funny psychological thing: if the opinion of others differs from yours, then you just didn't convey enough of your own. So you yourself are not firm in it.

    For example, a typical situation: parents who insist on teaching their child at a technical university, and the child wants to be, say, an artist. If parents indicate where to go to the child, then he is not independent enough by himself, so he did not differ in his life in responsibility for his actions, consistency, and intelligence… And in such situations, a “different opinion” is always a sign that you haven't proved enough. That's all.

    Is it worth listening to? Yes, but in terms of seeing your shortcomings. For example, when a child sees that his parents have the audacity to control his future, he should understand that in their eyes he is still a small child who is not capable of this. So, he must prove that his action is justified, logical, and correct. That is, just correct the reason why parents have a different opinion.

    So, someone else's opinion becomes not a thorn in the nn-th place, and not something that you are constantly nagged with, but something that indicates to you in which place you are weak.

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