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  1. It depends on how you understand the concept of friendship, what is the gradation in your opinion. Common interests are not friendship, but more like cooperation. Friendship is something deep and personal, at the level of the inner worldview. True friendship. Oddly enough, there may not be many common interests, and even they are perceived differently by friends. It is very interesting that there is such a cultural phenomenon when strong female friendships are equated with sisterhood, and male friendships with fraternity. And we are brothers and sisters not by common interests, but by blood / spiritual kinship.

  2. Literary friendship is necessarily a “kinship of souls” plus the resulting burden of mutual obligations, which is not easy to bear… the hero will do well.

    Friendship in our real, mortal world is simply a successful, established, deep social connection. Yes, we manage to lose them just by finishing school, university, or changing jobs. �And-no, it's not “inevitable”, but very, very stupid. This is a huge social value, in the development of which a lot of time and effort has already been invested. Such investments are not abandoned “without seeing prospects”, they are abandoned only when it does not work out otherwise, when there are very good reasons.

    Here's even a” scientific school ” to take. �It begins with the fact that a dozen capable students-did not want to forget their teacher and comrades. �Just like that. A scientific school is a huge force in established countries that value science.

    Since young people are prone to such shortsightedness, many cultures have formed traditions that make any teacher an anchor of long – term friendship. Although the cult of the teacher is fraught with all the negativity that follows from Guruism…

  3. Like marriage, the search for common ground, the search for common topics and interests, concessions, compromises, help, and most importantly, the desire to do it for friends. And also the realization that you need to spend your time and energy on friendship, otherwise it will quickly move to the rank of friends, hello-bye.

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