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  1. THE SYNTHESIS of these thoughts is simple –

    various useful sources of information should be added up and then analyzed in summary as follows –

    to discard the irrelevant and erroneous, to leave the useful and essential, is a difficult analytical work.

    This is called processing incoming summary information from different sources (“bazaar filtering”).

  2. Meditation translates to thinking, that is, thinking through Communication.

    Today's fitness concept of meditation is a fashion that distorts its essence.

    Yes, we know Ourselves and EVERYTHING through the external, through others, applying the o-S-WE-fused relation to…. through Yourself, meditating on what is happening.

  3. When we separate ourselves from the outside world, we don't recognize ourselves. When we don't ask who we are, we don't know the answer. Synthesis is not required by unified. More importantly, it is only through the mind that one cannot know oneself.

  4. the most famous and traditional way to truly hear yourself is through meditation. There are now a huge number of meditations in the West, but everything that works in one way or another calls us to get there and relax in inner silence – against the background of which we will hear the quiet voice of inner truth, which is always with us, but which is clogged with all this apathy and passions, desires and vanity, the need to achieve recognition of our rightness and hopes.

    In silence, this voice is audible, but in order to achieve it steadily, constant hard practice is needed, and few people are capable of it for a long time. After playing the meditator, we most often score.

    There are techniques that make us hear our intuition sharply and quickly: a variety of extreme and stressful challenges. I have already told you many times how in the martial arts section we were taught to take information with our hands in half an hour about which hand our partner has a knife hidden behind his back: if you didn't guess correctly, the hand that you read received a painful prick with this very knife.

    VERY VERY QUICKLY you start to guess ))

    Not everyone will go to the trouble of extending such training to all areas of life, for example, whether there is money in the transaction or not, whether the spouse is cheating or not, and so on. Although the technique is instant!

    But in the first and second cases, we still have to deal with the background noise of the mind every time, and even with its “jealousy”: of course, our mind, which considers itself the only guardian of security, will never give up control and will always interfere, trying to challenge your intuitions, question them or throw alternative opinions so that you get confused in them, the main thing is that you stop feeling,

    I know only one way to clearly discern my inner response, my true voice, my intuition, whatever you want to call it. The cardinal difference between this approach is that it basically does not row everyone under one comb!

    It does not give one method at all, and does not justify doubts by the fact that it is you who just haven't meditated enough yet! Because, you see, the master succeeds, and you are therefore a sucker, go on snuffling!

    This method says: people are fundamentally different from each other, everyone NEEDS TO LISTEN TO DIFFERENT THINGS!

    It seems logical, but for some reason it doesn't work when we go to study with different teachers.

    This method is #Designman

    It gives each person THEIR OWN PERSONAL way to hear their inner voice-there are dozens of them!

    Moreover, at a good reading of the Design, the specialist should directly push to ensure that your inner response is MANIFESTED in communication, and directly point your finger at it – THIS IS IT! It shows you how to distinguish it from the “voices in your head”, what exactly can bring it down-everyone has different things, and how to overcome it.

    Personally, I do.

    So we have direct individual experience, not concepts. All this happens in just 3 hours.

    Of course, you need to train in this, but the peculiarity is that you need to train IN LIFE ITSELF, and not sitting separately on a meditation mat.

    So these are the paths to inner response, the voice of inner truth. You can take a long time, you can do it quickly.

    Record on the Design of a Person, in the personal account!

  5. “Some say”, “others say”.

    And who are those who “speak”? – Scientists, pensioners, children, doctors, janitors?

    You never know what anyone says. Maybe they're all wrong.

    Specify the question: “a person is known…“- do those around him get to know him from the outside? Or does he know himself? What is implied in the question from these two options?

  6. And if there are no others around and you are on a desert island-what, you will not be able to know and test yourself? By and large, there is only one connection – you (your inner self) and the outside world… and the people you come in contact with are just a part of that outside world.

  7. A serious question. Perhaps it is worth answering it seriously.

    The situation is as follows.
    You can find out what a person is like through all their interactions with the outside world (including interactions with other people). Theoretically.
    In practice, this is not possible for 2 reasons:
    1. We were raised from the cradle. Even if we were not brought up in the pedagogical sense of the word, the process of education still somehow went on. Therefore, some of our interactions with the outside world are the result of externally imposed norms, values, worldviews, etc. And in terms of self-perception, too.I.e., our opinion of ourselves is distorted by upbringing.
    2. We lie. And they're lying to us. And a person can't always recognize a lie. It's especially cool to lie to ourselves if lying is a defense mechanism against something that upsets us a lot, i.e. when we are afraid to tell ourselves the truth.�

    To somehow overcome these 2 obstacles, you can use such a tool as meditation. It will not protect us from other people's lies (and therefore our analysis of our interactions with other people will never be 100% accurate), but it can reduce the impact of both self-deceptions and externally imposed norms/values…
    Theoretically, you can clear your perception in such a way that your analysis will be correct by, say, 99.9%. (percentages are figurative, of course, no one has ever exactly counted them).

    About the “true self”.
    I guarantee you that somewhere deep inside you, no one is hiding. The “true self” is not the”inside”, but you are. That is, the “I” is both inside, outside, and on the sides, and all this in a complex.
    (Inside we have some basic attitudes, basic life values, and a lot of other things that are the basis/foundation of a person's personality.
    Yes, many people do not like what they see in the mirror, figuratively speaking. That is, they have a self-rejection. In order to somehow protect themselves from unpleasant self-esteem, they invent a certain “real me”for themselves. Well, or they don't invent it, but use someone else's invention, it doesn't matter. Another thing is important: fairy tales about the “true self deep inside” are a form of escapism, an attempt to escape from reality.
    Therefore, constructive meditation does not seek, and even more so does not “find” any “true self”. Meditation removes those “barriers” that prevent a person from “accepting himself”, or if without esotericism, then they allow you to look at yourself extremely honestly and as objectively as possible.
    Well, along the way, distinguish where the part brought up by upbringing is in you, and where your personal choices, decisions, values, etc. are already.

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