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  1. I am the father of two relatively small children. They go to bed at 20: 30, come to our bedroom in the middle of the night for advice (“I turned on the toilet light, how do I turn it off?”), wake up at 7:00, give or take. I realized that in order to get enough sleep, I needed to fall asleep at 22:00. Not to lie down, but to fall asleep. So I go to bed at about 21:45. On the smartphone that I actively use up to this time, Twilight is installed.

  2. The only and most important condition for this is self-identity, that is, the presence in your life of the occupation (profession) and the environment that you really want to have.

    Only then, when you go to bed, do you regret that the day is over and want to wake up as quickly and earlier as possible. This ensures a healthy and short sleep and vigor after waking up.

    If you are busy with an unloved job and are surrounded by people who strain you, any recommendations of a physiological and regimental nature will be useless.

  3. Perhaps the answer will seem banal, but when there is a goal to get up, and when there is an understanding that you need to get up and do business, then even 2 alarm clocks are out of the question. Set a goal if it doesn't motivate you. And if it really doesn't motivate you, then think about it. And whether you live correctly then.

  4. My secret is simple: I have an early dinner. And since the morning to lie with an empty stomach reluctance�

    Just train yourself to get dressed first, fix the bed, and then eat

    This is the third year I don't have alarm clocks))

  5. the physical condition directly depends on the state of internal organs, blood intoxication, etc. i.e. everything is elementary, if you do not use cholesterol, sugar, salt in large quantities, do not eat 5-4 hours before bedtime, sleep at least 8 hours, you can easily wake up earlier, your body will do it itself. You need a daily/sleep/nutrition regime, just wake up at 6: 00 three or four times a week and go for a jog, as in the second week you will do it easily. And the wrong mode will already cause you discomfort if you try to break it.

  6. I'll tell you how I handle this task.

    Setting the right daily routine can help you learn how to get up this way. Well, chuchut training.�

    This is quite difficult, given the modern rhythm of life.�

    A healthy body needs an average of 8 hours of sleep a day. The main thing is to go to bed at the same time.�

    I have trained my body to such an extent that I just wake up 5-8 minutes before the alarm clock and there is no this Atskoe rise under the pilling. The first minutes I sit on the bed, пот potyagushki introduce the body in tone. And after the alarm goes off, go ahead:teeth/toilet/baby, wake up/husband, breakfast with friends/shop / hello, work.�

    I was lucky, because I am a lark and my rhythm coincided with getting up at 6 in the morning.�

    Before the establishment of the regime (and its installation was carried out through the torment of my relatives, who were sent with their complaints), there was not a single day in my not-so-short life that I got up with a good night's sleep and rested.�

    Important point: Try not to go to bed for a nap in the afternoon. If you are completely unable – you can of course, but usually this is a signal of a malfunction of the body.

  7. There are a few secrets that I learned from various sources. I'm in a hurry to share)

    1) Choosing the right time to sleep. The ideal option(according to many, but of course subjective estimates) is to go to bed at 22-23 hours and wake up at 6-7 o'clock in the morning. I say this because it is tested by me personally-in the morning the effect is excellent. You wake up very easily, your head is “clear” , and in this case it is important to immediately drink some clean water – sleep is like a hand relieves)

    2) Sleep quality. It is very important to have a comfortable body position in which you can relax. It is often recommended to fall asleep lying on your back – and I share this opinion. Regarding the pillow: too big(as well as too small) is not the best choice. Choose the middle one (according to your feelings) and put it under your head so that the neck does not go numb. So take care of your spine)

    3) Think about something good before going to bed. Make a wish or dream and fall asleep with a clear conscience. In the morning, you can expect a surge of energy and inspiration – well, how not to wake up when there are so many cool things ahead? Go for it)

    4) It is better not to eat at night. Depending on the characteristics of the metabolism, it is better to eat 2 to 4 hours before bedtime. In this case, you will wake up willy-nilly , because food is a terrible force that inexorably pulls you out of bed every morning)

    P.S; Not a doctor or psychologist , but a person who tries not to give bad advice)

  8. I'll answer it too.�

    I usually wake up pretty hard before a work day. I dress lazily, eat, walk 1.5 km to the bus stop, take the bus (sleep), take the metro (sleep), walk 700 m to work, and I'm still sleepy and tired at the workplace.

    Something strange happened today – I was too late for my morning porridge and was late. I decided to run the first 1.5 km of my journey. And lo and behold , I didn't feel like sleeping on the subway or on the bus. And even at work.

    Here, apparently, the magic of physical activity worked – dispersing blood and bringing the body into combat readiness)

    On weekends, I usually sleep for a long time, but if I suddenly have a field trip tomorrow, I wake up 5 minutes before the alarm clock, even if I slept for two hours.

    The main secrets have already been revealed by other participants, I can also add 1-2 glasses of water immediately after waking up – they say the blood dilutes and life becomes more fun. It seems to help me)

  9. A conditioned reflex developed over the years with the help of parents. Even at school, I knew that in order to get ready and go to school, I needed an hour of time. Hence the idea that I needed an hour of time. Classes start at 8, therefore, you need to wake up at 7. So, you will get up 20-30 times and the habit is already fixed

  10. I've had trouble sleeping since I was a kid. I fell asleep for hours. I couldn't take any sleeping pills-I was beginning to feel like I was suffocating after taking them. And then it turned out to improve sleep with the intake of melatonin. I drank it for three months at 3 mg., and now I normally fall asleep and wake up on a schedule myself.

  11. The only advice I can give is not to go to bed immediately after a serious load. If you want to turn around like a squirrel in a wheel before going to bed, and then immediately fall asleep, then this desire is fulfilled only in dreams (for me personally). Heavy loads on the eyesight also do not contribute to falling asleep quickly. It is necessary to approach sleep relaxed. And this can be facilitated by drawing up a daily routine. Still, an hour before the day, it is advisable to eat and complete all your time-consuming ( both physically and mentally) tasks. Take a little book and read the news. View memcos.

    For myself, I found a way to wake up quickly in the morning. I'll leave one small matter for the morning. For example, you can add up the study literature required for the lesson and work progress reports. It takes me an hour to get ready and walk to the university. So I set my alarm 10 minutes earlier. For example, 6-50. In 10 minutes, I collect these things, and already consciously understand that it makes no sense to go back to a warm bed. Why does this case motivate you to get out of bed? But because I didn't pass the report, I got problems.

    Take the right approach to your sleep and sleep deeper and more gently. Good snovushek.

  12. My life hack is for those who do not follow the rules when starting to sleep (I can go to bed-in the mood-and at half past eight, but my nature and work sometimes do not let go until 3 am), but you need to get up at 5: 20 (or at 5: 00); despite the fact that my natural biorhythms are shifted for several hours, because I live in a different time zone in which I was born and grew up.

    So, the things that were said above are absolutely correct. Quiet, comfortable bed, selection of biorhythms blablabla. I do not argue – this is really what helps to improve the quality of sleep. But the habit of going to bed at the same time relatively early is given to everyone with wild difficulty. So here are some of my rules that allow me to get up at the time indicated in the paragraph above and be cheerful.

    To begin with, you still need to maintain an average weekly rate of 7 hours of sleep per day. It is, firstly, useful, and secondly, the techniques that I will mention work better (due to less wear and tear). My rules for sleeping:

    1) sleeping in an eyepatch is optional, but a) I'm already used to it, b) it can be light outside the window, and it's easier to fall asleep in the dark. To enter sleep, you can do an exercise for 3-5 minutes – a short inhale at the expense of “one-and” and a long exhale at “one-and-two-and”…”eight.” However, it didn't help me 🙂

    2) after the alarm goes off – immediately turn on the light, pick up your phone and start viewing notifications and social media statuses. Yes, everyone unanimously says that it is wrong, harmful and blablabla – to start the morning with the phone. But the need to focus your attention really helps to open your eyes.

    3) then the most difficult thing is to get out of bed in three (from zero to 10, in fact) minutes 🙂

    4) go to the shower and take a contrast shower – first warm/hot (at night the body temperature drops, you need to raise it – and you can enjoy basking in the water), and then cool – to cheer up.

    5) Be sure to get a rest during the day – so that the body does not work for wear and tear. I generally like to sleep, so an extra few hours of sleep during the day, if possible, is a must.

    Unemployed, as in the status.

  13. Thank you for the question, I will try not to repeat my predecessors, besides, they were informative. I will try to share small recipes, if you like them by ear-try it, it is likely that some of them will work.

    1. Once in my youth, after reading books, I began to plan my sleep in such a way that the number of hours (spent in a dream) was a multiple of one and a half hours. “Fire” options: one and a half, three and four and a half hours; the norm: six, seven and a half (my choice), nine; then it's not my thing, my head hurts. The secret lies in the cyclical nature of changes in the phases of REM and slow sleep, in general, you can define the length of a full cycle as an hour and a half (in fact, the cycle stretches slightly from repetition to repetition).

    2. Mode. Yes, some organisms like order. If you guarantee him a rest at the same time , he will be happy and will repay you almost with a smile in the morning.

    3. If the phrase “child of the Earth” is about you, try to experiment at least a week to fall asleep, say at 22: 30 and wake up at 6. You may be surprised at how wonderful you will feel, but the most fun part is the colossal length of the day. If it works, it's probably because you'll capture the maximum amount of daylight, along with the light you needed.

    And finally, remember, if you borrowed a few hours from the body (did not get enough sleep), during the next night you will not be able to repay the favor, no matter how much you did not sleep, alas. Take care of your sleep, it is the guardian of your health.

  14. Yes, I am someone who calmly wakes up 2-3 minutes before the alarm set for 6.30 am. But at the same time, I am the one who is already nodding off at 9 pm, and if I touch the pillow, I fall into a deep sleep. Therefore, fun parties and walks around the city at night are not for me. So I don't even know whether to be proud of this fact or vice versa.
    Apparently, this is how my biological clock works, I didn't do anything special and I don't do it.

  15. Cheerful, happy and rested – this is not exactly about me.
    And as for how to get up from the “first alarm”, well, personally, I have a very light sleep,I wake up from any rustle. At one time, the alarm clock was generally on vibration . And the vibration of the phone on the table didn't wake me up.

    (I do not know why the author of the question asked me to answer this question)

  16. I have no idea how you knew I didn't get up at 10 o'clock, but I'll tell you. I wake up 2-3 minutes before the alarm rings, not happy, but quite rested. And I'd love to give you some cool tips like don't drink too much.generally/not put on the vein and so on., but I just have a superficial dream: (

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