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  1. I don't know what you mean by “decency.” If compliance with certain external rules, then this is already a conflict with your own honesty.�

    It is the plague ones who build the world and develop it. The rest just support it. Yes, it is very difficult and difficult for honest people, but they are saved by a clear and precise goal that they set for themselves. And they go to her no matter what. And they make great breakthroughs and discoveries.

    If you still want to give up the Power you have for the comfort of the crowd and the consumer, then:

    • Admit that you want to become a slave to the system (this is not about the government and the state)
    • Admit that you are giving up on your life
    • Recognize that from now on, your life will be controlled by those around you.
    • Recognize that you need to find a shepherd who will shepherd you and use you
    • Recognize that you are not a sentient being, but just an animal that wants to sleep, eat and fuck…xia. And nothing else.
      Acknowledge, accept, and give up on yourself.

    If you are a truly honest person and especially with yourself, then you have a Gift, you have a great opportunity to be not just “someone” and “someone”, but YOURSELF. This is rare.

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