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  1. Your intelligence doesn't change with different people and companies. The fact is that access to information in your head can change.

    There are external factors, so-called triggers, to which you unconsciously react. If you add someone who has a high value for you to any team (a beautiful girl, an authority figure, a stranger), your sharp brain may start working with a delay.

    And this means that it can interfere with the forecast of how you can look for this person. Here are some examples of processes that may occur unconsciously::

    1. What if I look stupid if I make a joke?

    2. What if it's inappropriate and I'm not smart enough

    3. I don't want to look boastful, so I don't want to be a fabricator

    These internal programs save you from the unpleasant state that you can get into because you have already had a similar unpleasant experience.

    In general, this is the fear of being in an awkward situation. You can compare your ability with close friends, where you can easily generate cool content on the go. And if we add a girl to it, what do you really like?

    These are all tricks of the mind). Fortunately, you can remove the reasons that make you not have time to quickly and brilliantly maintain a conversation, as well as shine with your intelligence in those situations where you want it.

    If there is a need, I will help you remove these reasons)

  2. In fact, many factors can play a role here. Many have already listed (lack of sleep, intellectual stagnation, etc.). In this situation, your intelligence may not play a leading role. Again, what kind of intelligence? Your level of verbal / nonverbal intelligence is unlikely to fluctuate here. Emotional intelligence? Social? I don't think so either. In my opinion, in such a situation, communication barriers often play a role, which we ourselves sometimes do not consciously expose. All this depends on the feelings in a particular company. Our brain processes incoming information at lightning speed. Evaluative thoughts provoke emotions in us. These processes are familiar to us, we do not notice them, but they directly affect our behavior. In this case, I would advise you to look for the root cause of stiffness: you have negative feelings from interacting with companies where you are more constrained later, or you think that you are not doing enough somewhere, you may seem boring, etc. If the 1st option, then this is a reason to think about changing this social circle to a more comfortable and favorable one for you. If the 2nd, then this is an extra reason to work on self-perception, engage in reflection, so to speak, or request help from a psychologist. Work on your self-assessment and other components that require your attention.

    In any case, good luck finding answers 🙂

  3. Perhaps your mood is changing: in a depressed state, it's hard to think. For example, people who are depressed are generally very slow to think.

    You may not get enough sleep on some days. Or you don't eat enough and your brain doesn't have enough energy. You need to follow the regime and eat a balanced diet.

    There is also a chance that you spend a long time in a poorly ventilated room, where carbon dioxide accumulates, which impairs brain function.

    And the last possibility: you load your head too little with intellectual tasks (you degrade, so to speak) — it gets out of the habit of working normally, provoking some kind of interruptions.

  4. So it's just not your company. There are societies that will simply not understand you and you will be ridiculed, you instinctively feel this and behave modestly. Another option is that you may be tired.

  5. A banal lack of sleep, fatigue, or hormonal disruptions can affect your intellectual abilities. You're not a machine )�

    Psychological reasons are also possible. For example, in a situation that is significant to you, you become “clamped down”, lose the spontaneity and intuitiveness of behavior that are necessary to demonstrate high intelligence, start to think convulsively for a long time about what to say, etc. The standard situation of an excellent student at the blackboard, who knows the lesson by heart, but can't say a word because everyone is looking at her) �

    These reasons, their nature and occurrence, can be dealt with separately and eliminated. Please contact us.

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