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  1. This happens quite often. This phenomenon is the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. If you are interested, you can Google it more specifically, but in general, as we have already written here, a person simply begins to pay attention to the information (name, word, etc.) that they have learned. That is, before he would have just missed it, but now he notices.

  2. I have this not only with names, but with everything in general.
    From the latter , she added the song Carla's Dreams-Sub Pielea Mea (Eroina). I listened to it all evening. The next day I had to take a taxi. As soon as I got in the car, it started playing on the radio. A day later, the same thing, only in a friend's car.

    Or, for example, I read here about the word “assertiveness”. I spent half an hour Googling its meaning and memorized it.
    And people around me suddenly started saying this word, which I had never heard from any of them before, and who would even think to talk about assertiveness in everyday conversation? But no.

    I think we just don't pay attention to a lot of things, and when we focus our attention on something, we start noticing it around us, even though it was there before. We just weren't interested)

  3. I've had this happen twice. Once it's real my friend prokhaypilsya that he was even shown on federal TV,and another that I began to worry very much about a person with one name, that I listened to everything where this name sounds. Maybe that name bothers you too? Or rather, its carrier from which it all started.

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