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  1. Yes, this was the case in elementary school. The essence of the game was that every time I entered the entrance of the house, I had to run over all the steps leading to the apartments on the first floor before I heard the sound of the door slamming. And before this “game”, I made up a story for myself about what would happen if I didn't have time to do it.

    I wrote an answer, and then decided to check if anyone else has already answered like this)) I wonder how such habits are formed and why they are similar in some people)

  2. In the sixth grade, we were told about the signs of division, for example, that if the sum of all the digits of a number is a multiple of three/nine, then the number itself is a multiple of three/nine, respectively. And it began. On the way somewhere, I saw random car numbers, adding or subtracting one, brought it to a multiple of three and divided it, then repeated it the necessary number of times to bring it to 1.I still do this.

    I also like to count things on the road: the number of Christmas markets for the new year, Dixie stores, people in red jackets, girls in dresses, certain brands of cars, cars passing traffic jams on the side of the road, etc.

  3. Very strange game. In my mind's eye, I imagine rolling under the cars of a passing train and thinking about how much money I would agree to do so. Higher speed means more money.

    As a child, on long trips, I used to look out the window and imagine a certain ninja jumping through trees and trying not to land on the ground.

  4. Yeah))since childhood. For example, if you entered the entrance, you would rather run to the stairs to step on the first one before the door closes. Now sometimes I try to cross the road in time before the green light flashes and the yellow light turns on (when I don't have time, I start running) ))and I thought and think that if I don't have time to do it,something bad will happen. Sometimes I make a choice like this.

    And here, as a child, there was a carpet hanging by the bed))I thought that if I didn't fall asleep in 30 minutes, Baba Yaga would fly out of it.I didn't keep track of the time exactly,but I could only determine it by feeling it)

    Sometimes I think that this should be addressed to a psychologist)

  5. In the morning, you must get out of bed with a certain leg, otherwise something will go wrong in the afternoon.

    If the item is not in its proper place-take it and take it back. Already cringes when lying around. I don't want to, I can't, in principle, and the dog would be with her, but I need to carry it. Crumpled – correct, protruding-remove, dirty-clean. Not later, but here and now. It bothers me a lot, but I can't stop.

    Before starting a significant event or business, say a complete poem/verse from a song/etc. to yourself, otherwise nothing will work out. Even if it takes some time and makes others wait.
    “Brain, why?”
    “Hz, I need to.

    If something good happened during the day, be sure to expect that something bad will happen today. And vice versa. Not that this pattern works, even so – it's complete nonsense, but if I don't expect something specific, I always think about it.

    And the most stupid paddock, despite which I'm still alive, walking down the street, step on every hatch on your way 😀

    I don't think these are obsessive states, because it comes on more periodically than consistently every day, I don't know what it's connected with. Stupid prejudices, more likely, but without them, life would be much easier and more relaxed than with them.

  6. Since childhood, I played such games with myself, and if I lost in any of them, then there were some vague fears-the house would fall, something would happen to my parents, the car would hit me. And it wasn't so much that I was afraid that some of these fears would come true-my mind didn't believe in them – as that I was afraid of losing.�

    The toughest of these games was one like “white monkey” – you had to not think about the fact that something could happen, because if I think about it, it will certainly happen immediately.�

    Things got weirder after the first minor accident with my family: I became so afraid of driving that I came up with another idea: if I hold a toy in the form of a pig in my hand all the way, then everything will be fine. But before one of the trips, the toy was lost, it came almost to panic and tears. Then, finally, my parents realized that something was wrong, and they took me to a psychologist, who explained to me what obsessive-compulsive disorder is and, it seems, successfully helped me .

  7. “If my mother leaves the house with a scarf draped over her shoulders, I'll stretch my hand in math. God, it's scary. Or do the opposite? Although, no. Everything. It's been decided.”

    It was a game under the false name “if, then” that started every morning at exactly 7. When she was still tossing and turning under the covers with her eyes closed. Every time my mother goes to work, it's a little excitement.

    The longest seconds of the morning are when Mom opens the closet door in the hallway… Really… no… ” Lucky?!” Pale blue this time, and we are just studying fractions.

  8. I always play a very interesting game. When I go somewhere on foot, I imagine where I would be if I went out a minute or two earlier. I imagine the projection ahead of me and try to catch up.

  9. This is common to many people. So don't worry about it until it crosses the line and takes up all your thoughts. I suggest you read Stephen King's short story “N”. It's just about such obsessions.

  10. As a child, I arranged entertainment in moments of boredom in this way. The most memorable game I remember was playing with stairs – on flights of stairs, you had to start a step with your right foot. When I got used to climbing home in this way and decided to give up this business, it didn't work out-it was difficult to make the way up the stairs from the left foot, because the limbs began to get tangled:)

  11. In addition to the already described game with stairs in the entrance, I had another game. When I went into a TV room and saw an ad that was going to end soon, I tried to jump on a chair/bed/sofa faster than it ended. It's funny that when I did this, I showed signs of synesthesia, that is, when I “won”, I saw a certain color in my mind. Later, this was no longer the case, apparently disappeared with age.

  12. To all those who wrote about the cracks in the asvalt and the distance from the entrance door to the last step-plus! God, it's nice to know that you weren't the only one who was so crazy when you were a kid.�

    Now I am entertaining myself like this on a bicycle. I live in a small neighborhood, but my house is very far away on the mountain. Climbing it can be difficult at times, especially on a two-wheeled vehicle. But every time before I climb, I think about what I would like, they say if I can't drive on it without getting off the bike, then the desired will not be fulfilled, respectively, if I climb, it will come true. Well, you won't believe it! It works after all! I fulfill what I want, and at the same time I pump up my muscles..

  13. Oh, these games… I do a lot of things automatically now, and it's a bit annoying:�

    1. While watching a movie, I bend my toes one at a time or quickly strain a muscle for each word I hear.�

    2. When I'm in a hurry, I try to reach that blue urn faster than the lady in red running ahead.

    3. Letters on the license plates of cars. I'm trying to insert other letters between them and along the edges to make a word. I love corn 🙂

    1. If something good happens to me, then bad things will happen soon. And vice versa. It also happens with the same intensity. I.e. if something very good has happened, then something very bad will happen.

    2. If I don't do everything I have to do today, then I've already lost.

    3. I also walk on tiles. For example, only by black or white, and the rest are bombs. And it's not me who's going to blow up if I step on the wrong tile.

    4. There is also a very stupid game… My family and I sometimes have a verbal altercation. And if I don't say something very witty about them, I'll lose.

    5. Another game related to social networks. social networks. I have to go only in the late afternoon ,or very little, otherwise I lose.

    6. If a friend and I pass through a pole on opposite sides, then our paths will diverge and we will stop communicating.

    I reread this and laugh at it: DD

    1. When driving on public transport, read the signs in reverse and have time to make an anagram before you pass the sign, otherwise the planned plans will not take place.

    2. As a child, my father had a huge map of the world in his office. It was impossible to pull away from her. There were several games with the map, for example – if I manage to find 10 names with the letter F on the map before my father (mother, sister) enters ,then (tomorrow they will cancel physical education, it will rain, Kostya will let me ride a bike, they will buy me a puppy, etc.).�

    3. Balance games – when you are alone at home, you suffer from boredom (for example, in the hospital) “if I hold this object on my head for some seconds (folder, stack of books, ball, etc.)-then (everything will end well, everything will come true, someone will come, etc.), the task may become more complicated – go with the object on my head for some steps in one direction, then in the opposite direction. (fiascos happened))) etc.

    4. Jump through puddles. If I jump over this puddle, then …(fiasco also happened))))

  14. While reading the comments, I remembered a lot:�

    1) when you walk around a pole or something with someone , you should have said ” Hi!”�

    2) When I saw maginies with a number of identical numbers, I made a wish.�

    3) When she stepped on someone's foot, she said and asked them to say: one two three mom dad don't die. and step on the same foot 3 times

    4) when I was driving with my parents in a car somewhere far away, I didn't sleep, because I was afraid if I fell asleep something would happen.�

    5) when my parents put the key to the intercom at Pikalo's house and I knew that someone was coming, I ran to bed so that they would think that I was sleeping, I had to hide under the door until they put the key in the lock.�

    About the door and stairs, stripes on the asphalt will not tell.

  15. Do not step on such cracks or gaps between the slabs on the street, otherwise the whole earth will explode. (But if you play together, then everyone has three lives)

  16. I won't talk about rewards, punishments, and stepping on slabs/seams: this, as I see it, is already a classic.

    I've been playing a lot of other games since I was a kid, especially the book games.

    I'll tell you in order:

    1. When we lived with my grandparents, I had to sleep in a room that also served as a library (2 walls are completely covered with bookcases and shelves). From the age of 3, as soon as I woke up, I began to take turns reading the titles of books, and soon I began to learn their places. Then she'd run tests like ” what's the fifth book on the fourth shelf from the top?” Won almost always)) This, by the way, was a terrible hindrance to me in later life: I still can't bring myself to get up as soon as I woke up.

    2. If I tried to go to sleep and my mom wasn't around, I would start recounting all the things that might have happened while I was sleeping (thanks to the news that my grandfather was always watching): a volcano eruption (no, it wasn't there, but there were a lot of mountains, and I didn't know the difference), an earthquake, a terrorist attack with a big bomb and a puh-puh (I was afraid of terrorist attacks before it became mainstream), a war, an attack by robbers, and my favorite — hooliganism: the guys from the neighboring yard in my fantasies threw a bomb into the chimney of our high-rise building to see what would happen. It was a standard set, and if I managed to present something else, then the victory was mine. This is probably the beginning of the insomnia that plagued me until I was 18.

    3. As soon as I started reading stories, I really liked the way the authors described everything that was happening around them, and I started to indulge in it myself, only in my mind. Pathetically commented on everything that was happening to herself, paraphrased a direct speech or inserted an author's one. For example, my mother would say something, and I would repeat it in my mind and add, ” my mother said it with the look of a teenager seeing the sea for the first time.” Sometimes I do this even now, but I've just switched from a literary style to a journalistic one: now my silent texts sound more like posts.

    4. When someone else was sleeping with me in the room (and I was the last to fall asleep due to insomnia), I listened to my breathing, tried to determine by it when a person finally falls asleep, then synchronized the pace of my breathing with the “alien”one. If after that I still didn't fall asleep, then I set more complex tasks: for example, inhale during two “foreign” breaths and one exhalation, and exhale quickly, in one exhalation.

    And many more small games with traffic lights, tennis ball, etc.)

  17. When driving in the car, I hold my breath between cracks in the asphalt, or between shadows from pillars or other objects) Well, paving slabs are a classic.

  18. As a child,when I woke up, but I still wanted to sleep, and I had to get up, I would sleepily say to myself: “if I don't get up now, a huge spider will crawl out from under the bed and eat me.” And it worked! Arachnophobe, what to do

  19. When you put food in the microwave to warm up, you must have time to turn it off a second before the signal, otherwise it may explode (squeak bomb type). You can also make a wish – if you have time, it will come true. Well, you can't walk through the cracks. And step on tiles of different colors)

  20. This happens quite often, and the conditions are very stupid and petty. It wasn't just standard games like “jump from sofa to sofa to avoid falling into lava” or anything like that.Often, I would leave the room forgetting to do something, or just not wanting to, but my brain would immediately send the signal “do it, or you'll be damned, yes!” and it didn't matter if it was a book/eraser left on the table, or a shrunken carpet. It was necessary to fulfill, otherwise everything.

  21. My story concerns the video game UFC 2. I decided to check what the commentators will say if the fighters in the game are not what to fight, but do not even take a step towards each other in three rounds.I created such a situation and after the first round of a non-contact fight, I laughed at the commentators 'phrases like:” Conor McGregor missed too many kicks,he should defend against them better”, and, let me remind you, but one blow was not thrown out.after the same “dynamic” second round ,apparently, the course of the fight changed a lot,because already ” McGregor showed total dominance over Aldo “, I laughed at this again .battle result: victoryAldo.Probably too strong low kicks, after all, decided the course of the battle)))

  22. As a child, I used to play like this, almost the same as with the stairs and the door. All he had to do was open the iron door on the floor before the elevator doors closed. Sometimes, in some magical way, he even managed to close the door from the inside. ( probably worn and looked fun)�

    Now I still play sometimes on a motorcycle. When there are arrows with the direction of movement on the asphalt, there are usually 3-5 pieces of them, and you need to go between them with a snake and not touch them, as between cones.�

    I think there was something else, but I can't remember)

  23. Every day before going to bed, when I start tossing and turning and scratching, I tell myself that the fate of humanity (people close to me, the Universe, etc.) depends on my actions, and if I scratch again, turn around somehow, the whole world will collapse and salvation will not come. Doesn't help much, did you know 😀

  24. The worst thing I ever had to play with myself was a game that I had to forget about (thanks to the author, I just lost). I found out about her when I was 11-12 years old and she hasn't let me go for almost eight years now.

    The main condition is to completely forget about the fact that you are playing this game. As soon as you think about it , you've lost and start again. I used to hang on for a whole year, until I saw the comment “YOU LOST” and immediately lost.�

    This is the strangest and funniest game I've ever played.

  25. In addition to the “standard” seams between tiles and closing doors, I have a ritual for flying.

    1. You can't sleep during the flight. If I fall asleep, turbulence will start. Once I didn't sleep during a 10-hour night flight.

    2. Be sure to keep your right fist clenched, thumb out. You can only unclench it when I go to the bathroom. And then it is advisable not to completely unclench your fingers. Otherwise, we'll all crash.

    3. It is very undesirable to eat in flight, it is also better to refuse to drink.

    4. Under no circumstances should you watch movies, read books, or listen to music.

    Disclaimer: if I drink 150-250 grams of something 40-degree before the flight, then everything is oknorm, the rules are almost canceled.

  26. When I watch TV or any image (moving or not, it doesn't matter), I blink only after I find any object in the image that is exactly white, and I blink only after that and looking at it. This happens from very early childhood. I love movies very much and watched everything that was possible at preschool age. And I inspired myself with this when I watched some kind of scary, or bloody movie and realized that I didn't want to blink seeing it because I would “let in” something from this “tin”. And looking at the white purity of this will not happen. Apparently so it went from there.

    Many people wrote about cracks on the asphalt and other things that I also did.)

    there are other games, but they are indecent and I will not write about them)

  27. I do this at such times in my life when something important happens. For example, at the Olympiad in the 11th grade, I thought, ” if I get the first option now, I will win and enter.” I won and entered,however, I made a big mistake with the direction

  28. Before a very important event (the first live broadcast, an interview, etc.), I walk around the building before entering. This is both a kind of ritual and a postponement. In addition, a kind of final coundown, during which time I tune in and gather my strength.

    Then there's the fun a friend taught me. The essence of it is to qualitatively tickle your nerves. To do this, you need to sit on a bench on the platform and close your eyes when the train approaches, while imagining that you are lying on the tracks.

  29. As a child, I believed that you need to perform certain actions a strictly defined number of times. For example, it was necessary to swing my legs a multiple of five times, that is, starting out of habit to swing my legs, I did not stop until I did 5, 10, 15 and so on strokes. But the number of times a multiple of three, considered a sign that promises trouble, and thought if you swing your legs 9 times, you can double the effect of the”curse”. Or you only had to rewind the tape in the video for a multiple of five seconds. Over time, fortunately, this habit has become a thing of the past.

    And, by the way, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder live like this all their lives, for example, building complex connections between rituals that don't really mean anything and some events in life. However, they often do not have an understanding of what will happen if they do not fulfill the conditions of the “game”, they just know that they must fulfill them. With a psychologist, of course, you can not consult about this, if it does not cause noticeable inconvenience and does not harm, although in general it is worth it: many women after giving birth, for example, such habits acquire unpleasant forms, including threatening the health of the baby.

  30. I watched the movie “The Secret” about the materiality of thoughts, and then I also read the book. I decided to experiment, “pull in” people-things-events (so that I could later show off to a girl I knew who recommended this film). And it started to work!! I “attracted” people I hadn't seen in months, various events (they would call me, let me go from a couple, ask for help, a rainbow…). All this could be called a coincidence, but then how can I explain that I made a wish to meet the governor, and the next day I ran into him in the “Magnet”?
    It's been 1.5 years since the beginning of the “game”, and I realized that it will not end -” our thoughts and truth”are material, I have seen for myself. The main thing is to think about the good!

  31. Once upon a time, when I was little and I didn't have a computer with an Internet connection, but my cousin had one, I often recorded movies from her, and then watched them on my DVD, but the problem was that they weren't always played back. And then one day, I was so eager to watch a movie that I said: if this divine movie maneuver is played, then I will do 100 push-ups immediately. In the end, I still had to do these 100 push-ups, otherwise, as I said to myself, I will not show any more DVDs at all.

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