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  1. I have a small collection of similar books. One of them is “Conversations with God” by Neil Walsh. A selection of five books is available on the channel “I want to read”. I write about books for self-development. Including those that change the worldview.

  2. To expand your worldview, it is useful to read literature from different schools and directions, alternating books. For example, after any realism or classics, read Kafka's Castle, after romanticism or Gothic Vian, for example, after poetry-Sartre, and so on

  3. To expand your worldview, you can read philosophers. Personally, I got a lot of interesting ideas from there and often find them applied in real life. For example, Plato's “State” or Aristotle's “Politics”. You can try to read Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, but it is quite difficult, but if you understand it, it will be interesting)

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