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  1. Babies are given certain genes that are responsible for evolutionary development, so they are born into the world of potentially “modern people”.

    A person has the ability to educate himself, but only on the basis of what he already knows.

    If a certain number of Kids still survive (to be honest, it seems to me that their probability of growing up as superintelligent beings and becoming heroes of the local “REN TV” program is greater for some of the representatives of the alien race than to survive alone in the wild (such it will become in the absence of people) nature), then-1. I have two options that climb my soul, and tell:

    Eniki. Representatives of the surrounding fauna will simply start eating them after a while ( G*gl told me that about 420 000 children are born per day), and some kids will simply not wait for their turn, grow up, and start a wild (in the literal sense of the word) survival.

    Beniki. The cry of children will be so shrill that nearby wolves will simply, excuse me, stop poking around, and the world will have another proof that singing has always helped a person in a difficult moment.

    1. They will most likely, based on the data of their intelligence, begin to rebuild a new civilization (the seventh, if I'm not mistaken), and force the new humanity to again live through all this chaos, in which it was already bought with prosperity.Or maybe they won't. But that's a different story altogether…
  2. In India in the 16th century, Padishah Akbar conducted a cruel experiment: babies of different nationalities were placed in separate rooms, and a deaf-mute servant took care of them. A year later, they looked at them: crawling creatures with inarticulate sounds. During upbringing and training, the development of a three-year-old child was achieved. They died at the age of 10-12 years.

    A person is a social object, there are no innate instincts, as in animals, and he acquires skills and abilities from his parents and the surrounding social environment. In the absence of this environment, savages will grow up if they don't kill and eat each other. The first will eat weak and girls. Raw

  3. Yes.�

    They lack language as a way of thinking and constructing reality, and this is a key factor in the development of an infant into a person.

    If the language is already present, that is, they were not infants, but a sort of” Youths in the Universe”, then they also have a certain, albeit primitive, knowledge base, and the necessary ability to imagine. Then they'll rebuild, don't worry )

  4. Babies generally have no chance of survival in this situation. Even adults who find themselves alone with nature, having lost all the achievements of civilization, will have huge problems. In the series of works by writer Alexey Vladimirovich Baron “Epsilon Eridani”, we are talking about the experiment of a race of unknown super-developed aliens who tore several million Earthlings out of their usual civilized environment and without tools, equipment and even clothing – they were moved naked to a wild Earth-like planet, forcing them to go through the entire path of social and technological development anew. I emphasize that it was not even about modern people – but about people of the future, when interstellar space expeditions were already possible. So, 800 years after the migration, the descendants of these people in their development reached the level of only the 18th century.

  5. The main part, most likely even the absolute majority, will die.Perhaps someone will be lucky if any animal has time to take him under its care. If everything goes well in the future, a certain “mowgli” will grow up, with the habits of the animal that sheltered him, and without any prospects. There will be no chance to find a mate for procreation. Because cases of animal custody of humans are extremely rare. I don't think that even if millions of babies are left without care, it is unlikely that this will become widespread. There is a slim chance for those babies who fall into the swarms of great apes. Hypothetically, in the case of successful genetic compatibility, the possibility of leaving offspring is extremely small,but there is.But it will no longer be a person.

  6. In order for them to grow up, you need to leave at least one adult. And I do not envy him in this regard. If he doesn't invent it� The way to subdue them, they will simply kill them. They will blame you for all your troubles and execute you.

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