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  1. Suspiciousness is a term in itself that denotes a tendency to see trouble or a dirty trick where there is none. This is not a deviation in the psychiatric sense of the word, but suspiciousness can be attributed to accentuations of character. As long as this trait is within the norm, we can talk about vigilance and critical thinking, but with hypertrophy of this trait, this very suspiciousness turns out, which somewhat spoils the quality of life of its owner and the people around him. That is, the term initially bears the stamp of a “negative property”. Everything is good in moderation, and as long as the criticality is within the normal range, this is good, but when it is hypertrophied , we can talk about a not quite healthy character set. Where are the normal character boundaries and the transition to accentuation? This is determined relative to the average values that are found in the majority, for example, using a psychological test. But there is another option-a functional one – whether suspiciousness creates problems for a person and others.

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