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  1. I don't have a car, and the other two options are definitely a table. On my desk, everything is always in its place and ready for work at any moment.

  2. It depends on who I am. I have to properly assess all the situations,because I don't have a car,which means I need to see where I have one. If I become an IT person with a car, then first a desk, then a room, then a car. If I become some simple person living on the street, then first a room, then a car, then only a table,because why do I need a table if I don't work in fact? You can keep track of everything from your gadgets. If I become some kind of writer, then I'm afraid my mess on the table will be necessary for me, and the room is not very important. For some inspiration, it would not be bad to leave the house in the morning and take a walk,and then you can put the car in order on the road, or even go somewhere in it at all.

  3. The desktop is required first, as this is the main workspace. Then the room, can't work in a mess. Well, I don't need a car))

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