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  1. There is no universal solution here. Maybe we should forgive her and continue to be together with her?
    Or wedge by wedge – you'll find another one and stop loving the old one)
    And as in Shrek 4, you can just enjoy your bachelor life for now) And then a girl, then a family, children, and even a job.. There will be no more time to play on the computer and go to football games with friends – it's important to appreciate the moment(whatever it is)
    Do whatever you want – it will be better than any other people's advice)

  2. Alas, but a person is not strictly good or strictly bad. There is something bad and something good in each of us. Everyone has their own proportions, which makes us all unique. Even a person full of shit can suddenly have something unexpectedly good. So, your feelings are quite natural. Probably, there was really something good about your girlfriend that attracted you. So, it is unlikely that you will forget it. And it doesn't make any sense. Why forcibly forget the good things? Well, just draw conclusions from infidelity. A decent girl, I think, would first announce your breakup to you before cheating on you. Well, if this did not happen, then perhaps it is not very well suited for a serious relationship, to put it mildly. So, maybe one day you will meet a more suitable girl and then there will simply be no time to miss her. In short, just don't worry.

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