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  1. It may not be very modest, but I have my own channel of Tatiana Krestyanikova. I post short videos on various topics in psychology. Honestly, somehow I didn't deal with the design of the channel. I don't particularly bother. But I have so much to say and can say. In the summer in Bulgaria, before the pandemic, my husband and I recorded a bunch of videos against the background of beautiful places where I live in my second home. I gradually spread it out, but I can do it faster. More than 20 years of work have given me great potential and material that is interesting to discuss.

  2. I like Victoria hotpsychologies.

    A very interesting approach to all your favorite topics. Everything is clear and pleasant to listen to.

    I can also recommend the channel Denis Borisov, this is the channel of a bodybuilder who analyzes various issues in his blog, including he touches on the psychology of people, I really like each of his videos, it's nice to listen to such an educated person)

  3. Podcasts of Pyotr Zvonov( his public 99 thoughts ), he also has a YouTube channel,but there are not many videos, a very interesting guy………….140 characters

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