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  1. I don't know if you'll count that as an answer , but you can't

    In my opinion, a person ceases to be afraid of death when he finds firm views in something. It can be anything-religion, worldview, life goal, and so on

    For example, when I was choosing my future profession at school, I assumed that if the job was not dangerous to my life and health, I would not work in it. Why? Yes, everything is very simple – but why else? Here, as they say, “smoking is harmful, drinking is disgusting, and dying healthy is a pity.” As a rule, interest in life appears at the moment when you put yourself on the edge, start playing with your age and the remaining years. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get into military aviation, as I wanted, but in the end I went into the construction industry and bothered to disaccustom myself as a welder. In terms of death, everything has become less obvious – it is now a lottery. I do not know when my work will destroy me, but I know for sure that this moment may very well happen. And the realization that you can live for sixty years or just five – it reconciles you to death, makes it insignificant. In fact, this is such a big roulette game in which you bet on zero and wait for the result. It doesn't matter what it will be – the process itself begins to deliver insane pleasure, because the stakes are high, and the chance of winning is extremely low. But if you still get such a desirable zero-you hit a big jackpot, you're on top. At the same time, you consciously expect that you will most likely lose, and this fact no longer brings discomfort or frustration – this is natural and logical

    Therefore, the fear of death appears in you when you do not live, do not have clear views. Roughly speaking, if a person has not found himself , he is afraid of death. He will shy away from the slightest danger, because he knows that he has not done something yet and that he still needs to live. And he lives and lives and lives until he finds himself or dies, which is much more common. He shies away from cars on the roadway, mows down the army, avoids conflicts, does not walk at night in unfavorable areas – all because of the belief that “now it could have been, now it could have ended.” So someone feels this fear during a fight with gopnikami, in which he miraculously survived. Someone almost got hit by a stray bullet in a fight. Someone almost slipped while walking on the rooftops. All that unites these cases is the lack of awareness of their existence in this particular situation and the lack of readiness for its unpredictable outcome. Insignificant situations from someone's point of view turn into a real event for the reason that more vivid events simply do not occur. So look for them

    As the saying goes, only in death can we find peace. Memento mori

  2. Well, philologists do everything through the text) so, in fact, like this´┐Żworld-art.ru Looking at X-rays also does not inspire optimism . Mann described it particularly harshly: “Hans Castorp saw what he expected to see, but what, however, people were not meant to see, and he never thought that it was intended: after all, he looked into his own grave. Thanks to the force of the light rays that had anticipated his decomposition, Hans Castorp saw the flesh that clothed him disintegrated, melted away, turned into a ghostly mist, and in it the carefully drawn skeleton of his right hand, and on one of the fingers of this hand the signet ring he had received from his grandfather hung loosely in a black circle, a stable object of earthly existence; a man adorns his body with it, and she'll be wearing it again for a while.”

  3. I don't know if my experience is an answer, but I felt it in a dream. The dream's plot was murky, but it culminated in me being electrocuted for things I hadn't done. Most of all, I was worried about what my mother would think and feel when she found out about my demise and that I, as what I was aware of, would come to an end. That is, there will be nothing more: neither me, nor me in my head, nor what I thought and think, there will be nothing and there will be emptiness. It's not even the fear of the unknown, but the fear of losing everything I used to think of as life. As a result, I woke up, and as it probably usually happens, I felt a terrible relief and my first thoughts were that I would run to do everything I had put off, live as I wanted, run around the world and try new things, in general, a strong dose of the desire to live. With all these happy thoughts, I turned over and fell asleep.

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